So we are off for now, it’s Tico island to get to tikal we have to first go to lagoon do last night. I was kind of scrambling to try to figure out how to even get to tikal island because there’s no information like anywhere. I found a blog post that kind of explains a little bit of how, you can do it and.


I found that most people here speak a little English, but there was a huge communication barrier here which. I didn’t experience in most of the country it was a bit of a hectic moment trying to put this together, but. I’m pretty sure we’re on the right boat welcome to lagoon D Lagoon d turns out, it’s actually on Tico Island.

I didn’t realize that part, but now we have to go take a transfer into some house, you told Anna sounds like somewhere in Latin America. I’m finna feeling every day. I try to learn once a guy log word.

And today’s word is guava or Guapo right. So if you see somebody, you go Guapo yeah. I don’t know what’s going on hey, but we made it.

So we’ve just arrived here about two. And a half hours later. And the craziest thing is we literally did it for a hundred thirty pesos which is about three US dollars all right all right we just got our ride, it’s arrived, it’s a little tiny boat taking us to Tikal altamar boutique resort.

I’m really excited. I think there’s only like a couple resorts on this entire island. And the really cool thing is they’re affordable resorts.

So. I’m pretty sure most rooms start at like 60 us a night, you just have to be willing to go off into a rather remote island. And that’s what.

I’m always looking for is those cool fun experiences are, you guys coming to the resort, you want to come Oh some nice clean clear water okay thank, you, this is one of the best coconuts a pub it’s so full of water – like. I’ve been drinking it for a good like three minutes, it’s no more in there, this is an unbelievably beautiful resort.

I saw it online. I didn’t think it’d be this nice hey buddy how are, you oh you’re a liquor in it oh my gosh Marv Marv is the biggest keeper he know where you’re coming with us homie let’s go we’re doubling up on this one showing us around. I escaped to 95 follow my passion Jamie, you escaped enduro racing then

I escaped the door racing bitch we’ve arrived he got us here safely the two of us Jamie and. I were like waddling on the back like trying to hold on for dear life as we go through like he’s narrow a little path, it’s very interesting to say the least, but we’ve just arrived at a unmarked waterfall the lady the friend essentially said you’re not gonna be able to find anything unless, you have a guide. And definitely right on that there was no markings there’s no real paths here, this is 100% local insight and.

I think that’s how, you have to get around tikal island just because, it’s it’s not visited. I don’t think. I’ve seen any other tourists there might be a couple other resort, but for the most part, it’s very quiet, this is known as bousai Falls now.

I’m not one of those guys that will like do backflips off of anything in fact. I need to see other people do it first if. I’m gonna jump.

I’m not worried about the height, it’s just the depth. I want to make sure that if someone else is jumping there, it’s okay good to go that’s why Jamie came he’s the stunt devil just got a thunder, you guys silly. I’m just gonna set it.

So these guys really know how to send it oh my gosh their little sister yogurt, you come up here. And there’s an waterfall, this is beautiful guys if. I don’t make it Jamie is the new proud owner of the loss LeBlanc Channel that is wild there’s kids, it’s like flowing out of that hole in the rock.

And they’re walking over the waterfall he’s gnarly they go in down there. And then they pop out right there. And then climb up a biblical law.

So he’s scaling the waterfall. And then she was coming through the waterfall that’s amazing. I don’t think I’d fit through there that was just an all-around amazing spot.

I highly recommend that if you come to this resort altamar make them take, you here because you’re not gonna find it on your own, but, it’s worth the visit such awesome cliff jumping awesome locals amazing photos. And post this for me was a 10 to 10 he just went between my legs bye welcome to these second waterfall of the day, this is delicates waterfall sounds like delicate maybe it is delicate that’s just how I heard it.

And it looks like a little hole in the ground there is a few locals here just chilling, but why talk about it when I can show. So that was just a quick stop to be honest it had nothing on the first waterfall bousai waterfalls that was amazing now we’re heading back to the resort gonna get some food.

I’m stoked on that lunch was. So good today and. I think.

I had one of the best coconut shakes. I’ve ever had in my entire life here okay. So we’re riding up here heading back to the resort as we speak.

And then all of a sudden. I see on the side of the road bundles of joy oh my gosh. I want many pigs.

So bad. And these are the closest thing you’ll get oh they’re so cute.

So we’ve just been warned mom can be aggressive at times, you look like a Wilbur thanks next next these are the cutest shock always come back of that guy’s the whole town came out see us. I guess it went out in the newspaper that we were coming to see the pigs today yeah just got back to altameyer resort. And once again this here is Coco Coco come on why are, you being.

So shy this time you’re so social its second ago this place is magical the incredible sights the smells the feelings the weather the temperature life is good. I love this place.

And Jamie and. I have a night of editing ahead of us that’s about it. And here comes arguably the best coconut shake.

I’ve ever had also check out these trendy colorful cottages they got here. So cool that has been the end of an incredible day. And coconut shake.

I’m going to end the post here if you’re new to my blog hit that comment button right up there. So you’re notified when the next Philippines post is posted. And if you want to take it a step further if you’re coming to the Philippines.

I’ve actually made an entire travel guide just for, you it gives, you everything, you need to know from the hidden gems to the must-see locations how to pack your bag avoiding scams all the key information you’ll need and. I’ve actually got a preview to that with the five hot tips. And the Philippines just click on that little circle right there it’ll get, you prepared for your big trip let’s get lost again in the next one a.

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