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Over the past twenty or more years there have been many predictions about the passage and changes of globalization. Accounts of globalization provide different ways of understanding the economic, social and cultural changes and environmental benefits, or harms, of a global world. In 2006, Norfolk laureate economist Joseph Stiglitz predicted that [m]aking globalization work will not be easy’ Stiglitz had just left the World Bank and had seen at first hand the uneven economic distributions and how poverty was increasing, and he was considering that the process of haphazard changes in response to global crises was not the best way to change the global system (Stiglitz 2006: xi). This raises the question of whether the global system is something that can be qualified and changed. Is it something that can be understood through providing organizing accounts and terms, such as deterritorialization and hybridization, as offered by Pieterse (2009) and Tomlinson (1999)? Or is it a more abstract empire’ as George Soros had suggested (1998), a diffused condition that cannot be grasped as a whole and therefore cannot be fully realized, understood or regulated? However it may be articulated and envisaged, there can be no doubt that globalization is a contradictory term accompanied by a myriad of theoretical accounts and practical investigations to give it form and purpose.

Inner Temple. See Inns of Court. Inns of Court Norfolk Map . The collective name of the four legal societies in London Lincoln’s Inn, Gray’ Norfolk Map s Inn, the Inner Temple, and the Middle Temple that have the exclusive right of admission to the British bar. Established sometime before the fourteenth century, each society takes its name from one of the buildings where schools of law were originally held. Intendant.

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