Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage General Admission

Just a short drive from Nashville you can visit Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage. Home of the seventh president of the United States. It’s a piece of American history. The Jacksonian era, I mean, Jackson had an era named after him. I always tell people when they come here that all the items that you see are the actual items. So, it invokes your inner Indiana Jones, if you will. The detail in here is incredible.

Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage General Admission Photo Gallery

This was Andrew Jackson’s actual home. A lot of artifacts in here are authentic. Those books are bound newspapers with Andrew Jackson’s handwritten notes. So, one of his sons was the last child ever born in this house. Throughout the house you’ll find guides in costumes helping explain the history behind each of the rooms. Wow, that was absolutely beautiful. I can’t believe how well preserved that building is. Now, let’s explore the grounds. I’m about to head into the gardens where the Jackson family is buried. So, this garden was designed by the Jacksons, and all the bricks are original.

So, there is a museum here onsite, and you’re welcome to start your tour here. Feel free to pick up an audio guide, and they also have one for kids. Wow, it’s so detailed inside. We want people to know that when they come here, we’re so much more than a museum. We have 1,120 acres. Walking trails, wildlife, but we also have fall festivals, ghost tours. There’s just so much to see and do here. And we really, really, want folks that visit Nashville to come experience it all. It was so fascinating to explore the home of an actual president. To learn about the hermitage as well as the man himself, Andrew Jackson.

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