Jimbo’s Fish Shanty US Map & Phone & Address

245 Northern Ave. Boston; (617) 542-5600

405 Franklin St. Braintree; (617) 848-0300

What better place to snarf down seafood than Boston’s waterfront? And what better way, says Mine, than at Jimbo’s, a casual spot that sports an extensive menu and a lovely view of Jimmy’s Harborside, its parent restaurant. Home of fine dining for 70 years, Jimmy’s prices make Jimbo’s look even better.

The joint has garnered a following all its own. Wooden walls and tables make for a comfortable atmosphere, enhanced by all the shanty requirements: an immense swordfish glowering down from one wall, a ship’s wheel hung from another, and netting everywhere. Choose an appetizer from a dozen selections, including mussels, fresh steamed or baked and stuffed, for $5.95; or try a meal-in-it-self salad, including spinach with fried bay scallops, for all of $6.95.

Sauteed dinner entrees include ca-lamari and schrod (each $8.95), and four tasty shrimp selections for $11-$12. Fried seafood, though, can be had for as little as $5.95 show up before 6 p.m. to order smaller portions at smaller prices. You won’t be disappointed with the self-proclaimed Jimbo’s Classic of scallops, swordfish, and shrimp en brochette served with rice and coleslaw, all for $10.95; or one of the daily specials, like lemon-pepper swordfish, $8.95. Open for lunch and dinner til 9:30 P.M. Mondays through Thursdays, and 10 pm. weekends.

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