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Welcome to Argentina just as been obsessed with hydration you don’t need to worry too much. Because we are in we’re back to sea level it is cheaper buying the six liters okay before we go out we’re gonna try like a local drink that you know when you catch up with friends for like a coffee it’s called Marte, and we’re saying that right Marte, and I think the interesting thing about this is in Australia, and I think America as well is they sell these as like a weight loss, and if you guys can’t like skinny meet to you. But it’s the same stuff yeah that’s super strong. But I mean it’s not the weight loss is absolute crap.

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But let’s try it it’s so strong to a bit up oh you put like a whole bag of tea leaves in it look at that. So yeah if you catching up yeah an oddity no you know or like share this drink. But Australians you know it is giving me tea, and it doesn’t work with weight loss walk into the main square, and we have a little friend he’s literally walk with us for like six blocks now hey buddy they sell these cups everywhere, and this is for that tea we tried this morning in the not a just pops a new friend she’s even named him Clyde just come out to the main square really beautiful yes like colonial I want to show how all of the city is. But it is give another nice cool vibe. But the European Spanish file not qualified to say that. Because they’ve been to Spain yet which we need to go 2018 Spain protocol the squares made out of this giant park in the middle here, and then as you can see there’s just colonial buildings all around it some old. But also some well-kept ones as well ops here in Argentina the banks are limited how much money you can actually get out we just trying to get some money out, and we could get max a hundred US dollars.

So we’ll move back in Chile we all actually got a lot a lot of US dollars out. So we could come here an exchanger. But the banks apparently give you such a terrible rate they’ve got like a blue marker blackmarket or whatever you want to call it where it’s not illegal. But it’s not regulated. So you just pretty much come to these people on the side of the roads going to the office it will sound super dodgy. But it’s not, and you can get away you better write or. So another thing I found out was if you exchange your bigger bills like a hundred US dollars you can get a better rate than if you’re exchanging like ten dollar bill see of different rates for different bills they’re changing hundred to get a better rate is changing Chinese all super interesting all feels super dodgy.

But it’s not what is the interest what all this deal earners made me work up an appetite we from out to Big Sea coffee house. Because like the water systems here are safe. So it’s fine to have a salad which we haven’t had in. So long which is gonna be nice I suppose is cool everyone’s just got their drinks I decided to be extra. Because this is the one version of the lighter you can order or you can get the arty lottery which looks like a birthday present si Argentina is slowly becoming alive again guys usually the cutoff for coffee is an hour ago. Because of this yesterday hope you don’t have dinner at 9:00 and, I’m not used to that, I’m more like the single universal it’s we’re having a coffee we’re having an empanada to try, and get us through to through some detail the restaurants are open at 9 o’clock Oh Sophie dinner date time to cancel like the main bass trip it is eight o’clock ten plus eight we’re in Australia this would be full on a Saturday night. But this is also the restaurant that we are having dinner up there is no one here.

Because, I’m pretty sure they’re still cleaning, and getting ready shoes two hours time when actually people in Argentina come out to eat this will be interesting we’ve gone from small snacks, and these empanadas are so much better than ones before by the way some of the posts have started coming out, and someone on the tour sent blog to their mom, and she realized that the only time that she ever sees her in the blog is drinking it. So saying that Erica Mountain Hey guys we kept noticing outside a hotel window this little gondola that takes you up to the top of this mountain, and then this morning we were like no we didn’t find it we’ve gone for a walk just literally followed the gone to the trail, and we found the station, and we’re gonna spend the morning going up a mountain to see the views from the top of salts we try to fly the drawing. But I think there’s too much magnetic interference. So this is the are this is the next best thing to see. So survive, and physically yes one thing I found is that the Spanish language is a little bit more easier than the other languages to find a guess I mean essentially a sense you can do a little wine tasting here at the top guys speaking of wine we’re about to jump on an another crazy bus South America is so huge for joining on 18-hour overnight bus, and I crazy. But it is for a very good reason we’re heading to the wine region of Argentina some say of South America we’re heading to Mendoza where we’re going to be going like an amazing wine tour.

But 18 hour bus ride should be worth it we’ve been promised a pool in this hotel tell me we’re gonna dive right in after this long bus feel like, I’m on holiday I think Peru was like. So action-packed, and them come here, and slow down so much more yeah that’s what’s a nod to do where there’s a holiday place yeah it’s a warm hear about your wine – uh we got a pool in the hotel it’s gonna be good okay at least tonight buses they are super two hours in quick update we have to stop at this little army thing. Because they need to check army checkpoint. Because they need to check all of our bags, and we’re so close to the Brazilian border they just worry Olivia just know, and all the drugs, and smuggling all that other stuff they want to take everything, and if you have a look at all of this contraband this is just some of the stuff they’ve taken. Because I think people didn’t have permits to sell this it is just piles, and parently this is just some of the smaller stuff they’ve done truckloads of this take this up I don’t think it goes up. But we have to go into another bus now I don’t think that’s gonna be 18 hours 20 hours later before army jacks we’ve made it to Mendoza, I’m gonna go shower see you guys at the hotel room all righty we are all showered up feeling fresh after a 20-hour bus, I’m hoping, I’m hoping that should be the last bus. Because one thing I I think you guys might have learned from us is that we plan things very late minute most of it’s not usually our fault.

But we finish up this gecko his trip in about visit seven days seven five five days time we’re hoping this after that we are in chats to keep going around South America that’s why when rewind to the very first post here in South America we weren’t a hundred percent sure where we’re gonna go after this. But NASA means you guys have any suggestions where else we should why should we go I know a lot of you guys wants to go to Brazil. But we couldn’t get the visas in time. But we can go anywhere else. So please let us know where do you want us to go in South America please don’t blame us for Brazil blame your government for not giving us a visa we dress alright anyway it’s lunch let’s do lunch also, I’m blaming this on the backpacks. Because we just don’t know where to put stuff for Italian he’s Argentine known for their Italian like a seafood lasagna I’ve gone for a viola handmade today’s not the day that we explain upper each senior prize for us to expand our that it’s safe when tomorrow when we do our guys it’s yes the time. But ice-cream is still open.

So, I’m trying the dulce de leche ice cream the first time I was good apparently the best ice cream shop in Argentina behind you familiar Pauline.

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