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God grant you may dwell there Ever as faithful subjects, Melbourne Metro Map a happy and peaceable people! Prisoners now I declare you; for such is his Majesty’ Melbourne Metro Map s pleasure! PART THE SECOND. MANY a weary year had passed since the burning of Grand-Pr©, When on the falling tide the freighted vessels departed, Bearing a nation, with all its household gods, into exile, Exile without an end, and without an example in story.

Far asunder, on separate coasts, the Acadians landed; Scattered were they, like flakes of snow, when the wind from the northeast Strikes aslant through the fogs that darken the Banks of Newfoundland. Friendless, homeless, hopeless, they wandered from city to city, From the cold lakes of the North to sultry Southern savannas, But Evangeline’s heart was sustained by a vision, that faintly Floated before her eyes, and beckoned her on through the moonlight. It was the thought of her brain that assumed the shape of a phantom. Through those shadowy aisles had Gabriel wandered before her, And every stroke of the oar now brought him nearer and nearer There from the troubled sea had Evangeline landed, an exile, Finding among the children of Penn a home and a country .

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