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Hello guys. And welcome back to my how to travel guide budgets edition part 3. So in my previous budgets episode we walk through all the different ways that, you can kind of come up with a budget for your travel.

And then. I gave, you a bunch of tips. And advice on how to save up.

And to make money to put towards your travels. So today. I’m going to talk about all the many ways that, you can take that money that, you earned.

And work. So hard for. And spend it wisely.

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And really try to stretch it out as much as, you can on your travels first we need to minimize the cost of things back home. So for longer trips this includes your rent. So think about subletting your car think about putting the insurance on hold bills talk to your electricity provider or your water provider your telephone provider.

And see if you can put your account on hold for months two months three months because you’re not going to be there. So when, you first start on your travels you’ve been saving for months probably living off ramen budgeting everything. And then, you land on your show.

So we’re excited that you’re finally here. I want to most travelers make the mistake of doing they spent a huge chunk of their savings partying shopping. And really just in the first several days of their trip.

I know you’re excited, but trust me over 80% of first time travelers do this. And then by the end of the trip they find that they don’t have enough money to go on some sort of really cool excursion that they really wanted to do. And then they have to either not do it or the end up borrowing money from family or friends budget travel starts the day, you arrive and, you must be vigilant with your finances you’ve made a budget for a reason.

And every little bit matters on your trip. So don’t go crazy on the first few days hey yummy yummy yummy food you’re staying out of hostel cooked from that hostile most hostiles are equipped with a fairly decent kitchen or at least a kitchen that will have all the basic necessities utensils refrigerators stoves. And all that that, you would need to cook a dish buying supplies from the grocery store will save, you big bucks.

And, it’s a great way to keep your cost down if you’re doing any kind of long-term travel try to avoid eating in restaurants that are in popular touristy areas try literally going one or two streets over because you’ll generally find the exact same food, but it’ll be cheaper 8 from streetcars or vendors, it’s fast, it’s cheap and, you can literally see it being cooked right in front of you. So a food safety tip when eating from Street carts or vendors in foreign countries is try to eat from the ones in the more popular areas so. I know, this is kind of the opposite of the restaurants, but the streetcars invented in the more popular areas will generally have a larger food turnover.

So food isn’t sitting for long periods of time. And that’s what, you don’t want that’s when, you can kind of get the bacteria’s. And the illness is cheap entertainment options there are some things that, you see.

And do while traveling are going to cost, you a lot of money, but not everything is going to cost, you money. And there are actually a lot of free activities to do in every single country. And city that, you are visiting some examples include hiking exploring local market walking around taking photo visiting a free museum there’s a lot of them beach beach beach beach biking climbing.

And visiting viewpoints. And most other outdoor attractions of course most cities. And countries will vary, but if you are creative, you ask around and, you do a bit of research, you can generally find a lot of free things to do.

And whatever city or country, you are visiting accommodations generally if. I and. I will try.

And stay with friends or. I will stay in a hostel now a great way to save money if you are travelling long time is to ask the hostel that, you are staying at or ask route to an a bunch of other hostels in the area that, you are looking to travel to. And ask them if you can do work for accommodation now most hostels offer this they allow, you to generally, it’s housework cleaning tidying the beds etc or sometimes in a reception work by doing that work for them, but they’ll provide, you with a free accommodation sometimes even food.

And sometimes even money souvenirs. So when you’re buying things that aren’t from a storefront that are from vendors or sometimes it works for storefronts um they employ a bartering bargaining negotiation system where basically the first price that, you seen, it’s never the real price and, you should not be paying that because, you will be overpaying. And get ripped off if you’re looking to buy something ask for Less barter this will take time.

And it will take practice to kinda figure out what exactly how low will they come to. And what the approximate prices are takes a lot of practice. So don’t feel bad when, you first start travelling, you first start negotiating.

And bartering taxis. And transportation. I always try to take public transportation or even better walk to the destination that.

I need to get to because it is cheap it is free walking yeah, it’s great exercise too when it comes down to it experience is key the more that, you travel the better you’ll get at budgeting. And getting your dollar to stretch further on the road just because you’re traveling on a budget doesn’t mean, you need to budget everything pick up the areas of your child that, you want to splurge on. And ones that, you want to save on.

And just kind of know that. And like. I said practice makes perfect some have a travel whoa thank you.

So much for reading. I hope you’ve learned lots about traveling budgets over these last few three three episodes. And, it’s given, you a lot of good pointers.

And tips for your travels awesome um if you like this post don’t forget to comment to my blog because. I’ve got more of these coming for, you and. I will see, you bye.

I’m here to tell, you that travel can be affordable, but, you need to plan for it, you need to budget it and, you need to prioritize it in your life. ?

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