How to Travel in Amsterdam

Hey guys when you’re in Amsterdam this. Because we just got off a nine hour bus ride no no no no it’s esmd, and breakfast finishes in like ten minutes.

So we’re going to quickly run down to breakfast get something to eat, and then we’re going to get ready, and then we go, and explore Amsterdam yeah after we freshen up yes it is we need a shower huh being in the bus for nine hours uh knackered all righty guys we’re getting our breakfast on getting our breakfast on you look like you for all the drinks going on there no I don’t eat the cups with you. So it cannot be safe Dave there’s literally. So this one is the europlug then we have a europlug going into a American American plug which goes into our Australian plug which then goes finally into our Australian iPod iPhone charger – then charge effort I don’t know an Australian to Europe we don’t, and it’s funny we only have a, and we only have a Europe – American for some reason. So we have to use our American – Australian not even in a minute not even a Europe to Australia well that’s the situation at the moment, and hopefully won’t set this place on fire showers, and freshened up, and I thought I would show you guys the roof from our little the view from our room we are in another hostel here with like little bunk beds it’s got a lot of space in this one which I like and, I’m outside here we have quite a nice view of Amsterdam lots of trees, and cool-looking buildings. But um there wasn’t walking to us straight after we got off the bus. But we really wanted a shower in Essen breakfast. So I think they’ve left.

How to Travel in Amsterdam Photo Gallery

But hopefully we run into them um I’ve just written a list of things that I want to go check on out stirred am I literally just Google what to do, and see. Because I wasn’t too sure write them all down in my notes on my phone, and now we’re going to go, and see what’s closest, and start from there, and we’ll crown Amsterdam, and check it out you guys interests we’re staying would stay okay I don’t know we’re in Amsterdam we are pleased oh look I like the little walkway, and this little wide oh no greenhouse have you wanted to chill so much you’re sure if you guys knew. But Amsterdam is a very big cycling city what’s the number one cycling city in the world whoa I was reading today when I was doing my google about Amsterdam that there’s 800,000 bikes in Amsterdam which means is more out there’s more bikes than people in as soon as a small city then yeah 800,000 I’d like to know what the population is yeah. But we’re just gonna we’ve got some points of interest we’re gonna walk around get some Instagram photos you got a map. So um. But yeah first stop today is the rejects museum through Rick’s Museum something like that it’s a very famous museum, and that’s where the IMM stirred am yep oh I am sad, and a little marketing thing they don’t want to take pictures in front of which we will as well of course. So we’re gonna go ahead there first which is only 400 meters away from our hostel.

So I think we’re in a pretty like central location cool how did you enjoy the bus ride clear you know yes these night buses just show you how much how much better that night train ticket to Prague was when we got to sleep on bunk beds yes the whole thing here we can imagine if this bus had bunk beds for everyone they don’t know would be really good or even hammocks throughout the boss, I’m pretty sure I overheard someone joking around teen it’s I wish we were on the train, and they’re like it’s called Plus to Alps not trained to help hi guys. So we just had the Amsterdam it’s sunny sign a lot of people it is so crowded oh. So maybe we’ll come back really early in the morning to see if we can get this without any people in there our question check what time the Sun goes up I just saw okay when the Sun comes up tomorrow I think he’s quickly getting ready running to our house, I’m running down here taking it further without anyone in it yeah this is the moment this is just crazy that is so cool building this museum I think was I built in 1600 I think I was reading up about it before, I’m going to take a walk along the canal to an area where there’s seven bridges really close to each other, and we’re thinking that might be a really nice pretty photo opportunity for the canal yeah we’re almost about to hit the canal there’s a canal that runs right through here at the. So so pretty that’s the part that makes up steps are pretty looking out, and the houses there oh really city, and it looks different kind of sucker they all look like cities I know it’s weird to think how like they’re all on the same continent. But like literally we drive like a few hours, and you’re in a completely different other countries are also different to each other that’s good I wouldn’t want for cities to look the same no no most interesting you designs on these houses are super funky there’s like polka dots, and weird colors, and a lot of bikes a lot a lot of bikes all the way down sentai Road just made our way to a place chord regulars grudged grudged yeah anyway I don’t know how to say it.

But we’re here, and it is a really pretty place to take photos, and check out the canal all right oh it looks. So good. So in this area there’s um seven bridges really close to each other I can actually see them as you look down, and it’s like a really pretty a really pretty area photos, and this area the canal is so still, and the houses around are really really cute, and the trees too. But if you can see down there there’s a lot of bridges all the way down. So going to walk along, and see what it looks like these buildings it’s like Oh a physical it’s like skinny are here, and it goes fatter as it goes up these are very funky looking buildings. But I really love all the canals around here see like goes down here down there down there Bruce look Venice feels like I guess they got two canals I love all the canals it’s so pretty we found another weird building it looks like it’s like drooping down like that look at it how cute.

So right on the water as well Stephen thinks the city’s sinking come on there might be he’s not going to design it like that it’s like squished in between as well suits designed all these yeah that’s it doesn’t my mood dr. Seuss. But um at the moment we’re just walking down the road, and I smell a nice big loft of weed. So definitely in Amsterdam. Because it is legal here, and then we’re also guessing is that waiver on drives rides bicycles. Because they don’t want to drive their cars you know a lot. So they’re all high no, I’m joking, I’m joking, I’m pretty sure their weed smell is come with other cafes shops or one of the coffee shop you can see the mini brownies I can smell it.

So strong this is a door for me Oh little mini door I never know what way to walk on the road there’s so many cyclists they’re so cute. So maybe the it is sinking maybe all right you coming to these areas where it’s um no cars allowed to just pedestrians, and bikes I really like that, and then there’s lots of cool little restaurants along the sides of we’re really query I think we’re getting really into the heart of them the city of Amsterdam are we showing see phony guy yeah of the wonky house. So I’ve gone I see oh sorry I wanted to say on the Instagram hmm can you could fit into the clogs let’s try oh my god Steve Steve, and illegal um they do we just found a little market here in Amsterdam, and look how many tulip seeds they’re selling, and it keeps going, and going, and going all the way down here, and then we saw that they’ve got dried out tulips I think they are, and these dried out tulips what are they no deep unless you plant those or do your lips though the tulips, and they’re all dried tulips all ROI guess. Because it’s the autumn time they don’t have proper tulips, I’m not sure Anna clogged slippers oh yeah they are there’s some more big clog ease, and you can buy some porcelain tulips, and some clothes. So nice thing here cuz the entire roof is covered in dried flowers this is all through the roof play oh you should try on actual clogs they’re all in the wall there see how comfortable they are to wear yeah they do hate Ramon I guess oh you’d rather be got something good do people actually walk in these, I’m sorry like they’re made of wood very fashionable you are the city I love how tall on the canals it’s so beautiful. So we’re just making our way towards one of three churches that are in the area, and we’re just going to see if we can go up to the top of one of them. So we can get like a bird’s-eye view of the city fingers crossed the first one we come across is the lettuce up if not we’ll try go to the other ones walking down, and we saw this big long line, and I was like I figured this is the end Frank asked we still haven’t seen the house.

So far all we’ve seen is this giant line, and we’re gonna follow it, and see where the house leads. But thinking of going tomorrow. But we’re thinking of waking up really early, and heading down here around 7:30, and hopefully there isn’t such a long line. But pulled is a long line, and around the corner it’s still go past there up the other it. So, I’m going to go you there tomorrow right Steve Steve is running away, I’m sure if we were going to that church. But we’ve decided let’s go home get the drone, and then we’ll see really good views of amps, and hopefully. So we kind of walked like a big loop today heading back down to the hostel gonna grab the drone go to like a nice quiet spot on the canal, and rise it up, and see what the what the rooftop looks like here what route are what here what the rooftop no block here how many bikes there are woah.

So many bikes more bikes, and cars hang very proud I don’t even know how to cross the rope in the bikes we just went home, and got the drive, and our we’re heading back to the canals to check out what Amsterdam above looks like all right we’re gonna quickly cross my way we for a guy one of the sweet man unbelievably hard, and difficult every time I’d go to a place it was saying that there’s like electromagnetic field things again then when we finally got it up it would feel like sometimes Stephen lost control I don’t know who’s. Because it said we shouldn’t be too close to metal, and we will need like metal bridges, and a lot of bikes we ended up finding like an open park, and we posted there. But we were losing the sunlight a little bit. But I think it turned out a trap I think it’s not good maybe hopefully we can have it hopefully we can have a go tomorrow before the Sun Goes Down we’re not going to go grab ourselves some dinner. Because the Sun is now setting which makes us hungry even that’s like for something stupid. But has become now go to a grocery store since being in Europe we do enjoy it you ready to read some Dutch words some Dutch words picnic dinner has been purchased, and we got some salad there’s a lot in there a small bag um we’ve got some pasta dinner pasta dinner we got some passage it look at all the bikes all of the bikes all of the bikes Sarah. So many bugs Ian answered oh you’re just gonna hit back to the room now, and chill charlie sleep loss Niall yeah cuz of the bus ride we didn’t get the best sleep.

So we’re going to chill be cook. Because tomorrow morning we’re waking up super early to go check up, and Frank’s house don’t you post there we’ll see seems to happen a little bit too often me ending the post in the hallway without Jess I need to drag her out one of these times. But still in Amsterdam tomorrow guys, and we are going to see the Anne Frank House first thing in the morning which we are very excited to go see it’s one of those things we’ve always wanted to see in Europe ooh we’re going to get up bright, and early. Because apparently tickets they sold out on Lauer online months in advance, and if you want to get tickets you have to line up very early or line up the whole day. So we’re going to line up very early go in there see you show you guys around hopefully we can post in there we haven’t looked into that thanks so much for reading guys, and we’ll see in absolute tomorrow.

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