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A Lovely Day in London

Oh Hey London we come to breakfast and, I’m having my first full English breakfast in England this is very cool we need to find it oh no I finally got my flat whites back again sounds very happy you decided thing we’ve come all the way to this area that we’re going to go have a bit of a walk around I think last night when we walk around with marking them tygo they showed up in court a spot like there’s a lot of amazing graffiti some art installations here. So I think we’re going to go see it. Because I feel like like I said yesterday we wouldn’t have come to this area if we weren’t scenes at hotel. So, I’m glad we see a bit more of like London rather than just the tourist attraction which you know we will be showing you later today how keeps the spot it’s like American diner meet London I love it there on a fly me, and Jeff fight this literally thumbs it up in front of police stations to look at that by the way last night when we finished up with dinner we went home, and just made me watch Bridget Jones’s baby. Because it’s like we’re in London we have to watch a movie it has a pub meal I thought that we had to keep the whole UK theme going you guys need to know what some like good British movies they did have oh my god what’s the mr.

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bean one cor there’s the Asian one I’ve totally forgotten Johnny Johnny in place I never liked that very good what was the bad fun you deserve is no shortage papi guys we just got to our what’s going on here I don’t know like oh they must be jellyfish maybe yeah take enough second citizen em it is the power of London citizen em, and Christie are you again cool is check-in ever always I can’t get over how funny it is I wish every hotel would like that so much easier. So it sticks I said it physics are like mmm give you guys another London hotel room tour well into the other one yeah I got like various themes look again the window all the bed which is a much favorite thing that they do it is very cool at least I make use of that of those jellyfish corner well there’s one rule I do like the design of these it feels like you’re almost like in a bigger capsule hotel tonight yeah in the city to have kind of waiting here I think it it is huge awesome yeah this is very funny currently just unpacking. But, I’m just noticed we have blues guide people through unpacking we’re going out when here come the London bridges thank you okay there no we missed it last time we was clear. Because the Sun has come out here in London we decided rather than hiding ourselves in the underground we’re going to go for a bit of a stroll to like the iconic areas of London not to be fans post big van, and to get there we’re going to walk along a team. But we need a club determine the terms the same yeah the same they’re going to cross how bridge to get that Oh make it to arrest Jeff in London I remember starting a love lock bridge back into in 14 you go ahead, and J towards London the hot chocky for the war that coochie weber where you want a little warm inside. But it’s the one hot chocolate, and the award for the cutest little ice cream truck you have to go to this guy right here I feel like this trip to London is way more chill than last time we were in London I think we decided to squeeze so much in my son like we did Harry Potter tour we ran around, and then were out. So we’re at an area in South Bank which we didn’t go to last time we’re on the diet it’s like three trucks, and stuff to the summer, and laughter we didn’t get to their London Eye close up there Big Ben Big Ben Big Ben Westland sorry right there West miss Bobbye next to the Sami Sami mm flam post with the look we default on man he realized how big the London Eye well I think one we didn’t Vegas was like half the size of it thank you like oh my goodness, and also yeah we ain’t getting on this look at the line it is saying computer to read the day’s newspaper or far-fetched as it may seem in fact less than the San Francisco papers are investing a lot of money to try, and get the service just back that started science editor Steve new, and report on one first we’re already using the home this comes down to collapse of north to catch up with our own be friends again well one half of the men worked here at the our socials they come on down we’ll go catch up for a coffee like yeah let’s do it also this is a huge multi community like if Ozzy tried to come, and make it here in London or link between comfort, and ever going to tell me it started to pop out, and it looks really cool it looks like a cool area yes Miss Miniver starter playful pop brick penis like a whole bunch of shipping containers put together I think we’re going to get them like food vendor food place looks.

So cool has such an awesome vibe to it. So know what the pig or the comment we decided with like a fried calamari sandwich I didn’t even know you could do this add on the wages of looks good that’s what we got interested I only got it just good like it was calamari, and sandwiches need the coffee okay guys we just found out our hotel has a rooftop bar there’s actually pretty good views of the South London, and the Tower Bridge well I thank you very good like, I’m looking at like a placer of like the castle instance is like a nine this is super nice the sunset it’s just going over there. But we have planned we’re very exciting plan theme of the wedding we have you see immediately kind of quarantine in the West, and having a copy literally people reading it’s kind of nice the Sun just disappeared, and we set the weight like another 15 minutes before we can go yeah you have to get the book this actually looks very nice. But we are up here with the objective of thirds here the only way.

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