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If, you have a dietary restriction your life as a traveler is going to be a bit challenging the world isn’t as particularly as accommodating as, you would like it to be however through my various years traveling with a dairy allergy being gluten free for a while. And now vegan.

I’ve learned ways to a manage. And to thrive. So these are my best tips for traveling as a vegan with allergies food intolerances.

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And dietary restrictions research your regions the world is a big place. And people eat a lot of different things. So certain countries.

And content are going to be easier or more challenging for your diet vegetarian options are glowing. And, it’s actually not too bad the real trouble lies in being vegan since 90% of a deterent options have cheese Europe is particularly difficult China not so much since they actually have huge vegetarian population since some schools of Buddhism are actually vegetarian.

And the same is true elsewhere in Asia, you can find a lot of vegetarian. And vegan food sub America. And Africa on the hand a bit more challenging the good news is is that, it’s growing.

And, it’s actually coming easier. And easier trouble as a vegetarian or vegan prepare in advance aka granola bars are your best friend. I always have one with me all the time when.

I travel literally they are a lifesaver another great packing tip is to carry four useful plastic bags or place nuts. And hold pieces of fruit like apples or bananas open packages for breakfast are perfect because there’s usually always a kettle and, you can put water peanut butter or jam containers are great since bread everywhere is super easy to find kitchens the easiest way to ensure, you know what’s in your food. And that’ll be vegan is to make it yourself kitchens exist abroad.

I know. I know, it’s hard to believe, but, you have to choose your accommodations wisely most hostels offer kitchens plus if you’re staying at a guest house or B&B they also come with the kitchen. And that can allow, you to cook for yourself ah we also always have the necessary like cooking utensils.

So, you don’t have to like worry about bringing a bunch of cooking supplies these places will have it for, you you just need to figure out where the local grocery store is. So, you my groceries just like, you would or, you can visit the local market or, you can see all the delicious local fruits. And vegetables some of which.

I promise, you you won’t have home if you are using this method however try not to buy too much groceries unless, you plan on spending like a longer period of time in that accommodation or place learn the language literally literally the first words of every language. I learn is. I don’t eat meat or.

I cannot eat dairy then rise it learn it because, you will be saying it a lot like really every meal out however though if you don’t want to memorize it allergy cards yep allergy cards these are lifesavers for anybody eating out with allergies or dietary restrictions they are essentially a printed out card that says. I’m allergic to this. And or.

I cannot eat this or that or please don’t put this in my food then, you translate that into the four languages of places that you’ll be visiting. So, you have these cards in multiple languages saying the exact same thing that, you can then hand off to your server these are gold literal gold it will make your life. So so easy.

I know this because one of my best friend that. I was traveling with had super severe allergies. So having these algae cards were essential for her it also makes it.

So much easier dealing with white staff cause, you don’t it like be trying to figure out what they’re saying, you just hand them a car. And, it’s already translated. And, it’s great patience is a virtue vegetarian, it’s a country’s means that, you can eat chicken.

And fish no joke seriously this has been told to me many times also, you can eat chicken right you’re gonna tear, you to eat chicken no. I can’t eat chicken also, you can’t assume that the waitstaff knows all the ingredients in your food, you can’t even assume that the cook preparing it knows all the ingredients in your food. So really it becomes up to, you to make sure that, you can eat the food that, you were going to eat and, you do that by just really paying attention to the menu.

And try not to customize too much try to find foods that already fit your restriction before trying to customize also don’t get mad at the waitstaff at foreign restaurants around the world food preferences. And restrictions are a type of luxury the fact that we have the option to choose what we eat is a luxury instead of just being lucky that we have food to eat at all Google. And apps unfortunately having a dietary requirement such as being vegan means that we get to lose out on being able to spontaneously pick a place to eat wherever.

And whenever we are traveling we can’t just stop at any place we first see since there would be a pretty big chance again depending on where we are that things don’t have something that we can eat. So we must learn to plan in advance first thing. I do in the morning before setting out on my day is to find a restaurant near where.

I am going to eat for that day. So that. I can eat lunch.

And then Duggan ate dinner at usually breakfast. I kind of plan like the night before I’ll then use Google or happy cow which is a really awesome great vegetarian vegan app. And I’ll screenshot the name.

And the location now. I know that there is a place that. I can eat lunch.

And dinner today but I treat is more of like a back-up plan like if. I can’t find something else exactly where.

I am. I know that. I can at least eat this place although.

I do end up eating at these places quite a bit because usually after. I google them and I have a counter they sound amazing so.

I really want to go eat they’re planning out we’re gonna eat your lunch. And where you’re going to eat your dinner basically takes all the stress out of trying to find a place to eat when, you are hungry. And angry, you don’t want to be running all around a city or place, you don’t know trying to find food, it’s it’s not the most enjoyable experience when, you where that hungry at last, but not least accept that it is not going to be perfect your order may have been caught with the same knife that cut meat it might have been fried in oil that fried meat, you might be ordering a sandwich that, you literally just had the cheese removed off it.

So unless it is a major health allergy if you stress out about each every piece of food you’re gonna put your mouth you’re not going to enjoy your trip or traveling at all because, you know we all need to eat, you only to eat food anyways there, you go those been my tips for traveling as a Fenian or traveling with food restriction dietary requirements allergies etc. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. I hope you’ve learned a bit if you have any other tips or advice that.

I missed please let me know down below in the comments or if you travel with food allergies as tolerances or travel as a vegan let me know your experiences down below in the comments. I mean, I’m really interested to see how, this is because, this is an issue a lot of people have special diets a lot of people don’t eat the normal food that every other people age.

So. I’m really interested to hear about your experiences when you’ve been abroad. And when, you can traveling thanks.

So much for reading. And happy travels bye. ?

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