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333 E. Trade St., 704/522-6500, www.timewarnercablearena.com Map 1

Charlotte has plenty of venues for live music and spectator sports, but for major events only the Time Warner Cable Arena will do. Built in 2005, the arena has a capacity topping 20,000 and is home of the NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats and the ECHL Charlotte Checkers. The scoreboard is the largest in any indoor entertainment venue in the United States, and has the largest video screen of any NBA facility. The screen stands 38 feet high and 36 feet wide, includes four LED video screens that are 16 feet high and 28 feet long, and weighs 80,000 pounds. Time Warner Cable Arena is also the most popular venue for top-rated musical acts. Elton John, Metallica, Keith Urban, and the Jonas Brothers have all performed in the arena.

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