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501 Queens Rd., 704/376-3777, Map 4

Founded in 1927 as The Little Theatre, Theatre Charlotte is the oldest arts organization in Charlotte and the longest-producing theater in North Carolina. The nonprofit theater produces five shows per year on its main stage as well as a second-stage series called Stage 501. Performances on the main stage lean towards reproductions of popular Broadway and off-Broadway classics like The Full Monty, A Streetcar Named Desire, Suessical, and A Christmas Carol. It’s Stage 501 that’s a true gem in community theater, showcasing the talents of emerging directors and actors performing a combination of tried-and-true pieces and originals written by members of the Playwrights in Progress program, a group of 10 local writers who support each other through the writing and production of their original works. The theater also produced performances in Spanish through their Teatro Latino program.

1688 In the Germantown Protest, a group of Pennsylvania Quakers Nigeria Subway Map denounces slavery and the slave trade at one of their monthly meetings. 1699 Virginia passes a law Nigeria Subway Map declaring that free African Countrys are required to leave the colony, but the law generally goes unenforced. 17001701 The Iroquois establish peace with both France and Britain. They will continue to play the two powers off each other until the late stages of the French and Indian War, when trading ties and the diplomacy of Sir William Johnson, coupled with British military success, force them to abandon the French and ally themselves with the English. Also in 1701, John Lawson, officially the surveyor general of the young Carolina colony, travels extensively in the Southeast. His New Voyage to Carolina spurs English interest in the region.

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