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Writing for the Canadian Geographic, Wayne Lynch notes that bears are successful at starving. When we humans do it, either willingly or not, our bodies bum precious muscle protein, as well as fat, and we become weak in addition to lighter. Bears, on the other hand, burn very little if any muscle protein; they burn only fat during hibernation. As a consequence, when bears leave their dens in spring, they may look like ninety pound weaklings but all they’ve lost is a lot of fat. They are still very strong animals.

Bears get the little water they need to survive hibernation from the fat-burning process. And since they metabolize so little protein during their big sleep, bears don’t need to eliminate urea, a toxic by-product of protein metabolism. Even the small amount of urea they do produce is not a problem. It is simply broken down into harmless components and reabsorbed by the body.

When illness confines us to our beds for a couple of weeks, our bones begin to lose calcium and osteoporosis sets in. Bears, asleep in their dens for up to six months, don’t have to worry about getting brittle bones, or curvature of the spine. It’s as if they were getting intravenous feedings of Wonder bread all that time. But seriously, the only Wonder bread a bear is likely to get is on a raid of some luckless campers’ food cache.

Marquette’s Travels on the Mississippi 1673 The French Jesuit Best states to visit in the USA priests Jacques Marquette and former seminary student Louis Jolliet traveled over 2,500 miles on the Mississippi Best states to visit in the USA , preaching to native settlements along the way. Jolliet made maps, and Marquette kept a detailed journal of their observations. On the return trip, Marquette lost his notes, and so wrote his account from memory. Taken from his Travels and Discoveries in North Country, Marquette’s narrative comments on their diet along the way, animals and vegetation, rock drawings, iron mines, climate, and the hazards of the Mississippi and other waterways, which they monitored for depth using a sounding line. Their expedition ventured as far as the Arkansas and Louisiana border, where, realizing that the river flowed into the Gulf of Mexico and not California, they turned back to avoid capture by the Spanish. I embarked with M.

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