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Crosby-Manitou State Park



0.0 The hike begins on the Humpback Trail at the west end of theparking lot. The trail ascends steeply to a rock outcropping.

0.2 Overlook with views of Blesner Creek and County Road 7 to the south.

0.6 Plank bridge.

1.2 Small boulder field. Walk across the boulders for about 100 feet and look for the trail as it ascends steeply on the right.

1.6 Trail intersection with the River Trail; bear right on the River Trail passing the trail to the left leading to Campsite #1.

1.7 Pass a spur trail on left to Campsite #2 by continuing straight ahead on the River Trail. In about 170 feet, there is a spur trail on left leading to the top of a cascade on the Manitou River. The main trail bears right at this point and descends to the base of the cascade.

1.8 Base of the cascade. In about 100 feet, the trail turns to the right and ascends a series of wooden steps and continues downriver along the top of the river gorge.

1.9 Trail intersection; continue straight ahead on the River Trail passing the Middle Trail on the right. At this intersection, the River Trail becomes a part of the Superior Hiking Trail.

2.0 Pass a spur trail on the left to Campsite #3.

2.2 Campsite #4. In about 400 feet the trail crosses a small bridge and turns away from the river passing through occasional stands of large cedars.

2.5 Trail intersection; from here the River Trail, and the hike, continues straight ahead while the Superior Hiking Trail bears left and descends very steeply for about 0.2 mile to the Manitou River and a bridge crossing. There is a good view of the river from the bridge.

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