So today’s post is full of highs. And lows, it’s a bit of an emotional rollercoaster but I need to start by talking about one of the real lows that’s going on right now.

And many of, you have been asking where is Laura as you’ve noticed she’s not been in my post since the parish trip in the summer. And today. I have to unveil the difficult truth that Laura and.

THE PERFECT BEACH – BONBON Wheres Laura Photo Gallery

I are no longer together we actually separated quite a while ago we’ve been waiting for the right time to bring it public as, you can imagine is a very delicate subject. And there truly is no right time to ever announce a breakup, but that is the reality we are unfortunately not together Laura and. I are still on friendly terms.

And we keep in contact. And we just wanted to say thank, you to all of, you who have supported us through our blogs, but now our blogs are going separate ways. And we hope that, you continue to do.

So both for Laura. And for. I I really hope that, you guys don’t treat Laura or.

I any differently please continue to support Laura. And her incredible content she makes amazing posts her Instagram is one of my favorites she creates such beautiful content and. I really know that she’s got more amazing stuff to come.

So please continue to support her. I know this announcement is shocking. And hurtful for many of, you especially those of, you who’ve been there from day one.

And supported our relationship. And our travels and. I would just hope that as we go through these difficult times that, you would keep your comments.

And your messages considerate. And respectful of our privacy as. I said, this is not an easy time for either of us.

And we really appreciate your support ideally. I would have separated this announcement from the vlog, but the truth is Laura and. I did not want to clickbait our breakup, this is not made to generate mass clicks to create drama we just need to let, you guys know who become part of our daily lives that unfortunately we’ve gone separate ways.

And we hope that, you respect that. So without further ado let’s get into the post we’re just enjoying our final moments here on table loss. And we’re gonna be taking a boat to one of the adjacent islands.

I think we’re either going to see bullion or two long blonde. I tried to book somewhere to stay last night. And currently there’s like nothing available hopefully we have somewhere to stay tonight.

So breakfast. I’ve got some dragon fruit this right here is a Filipino specialty, it’s called Tom C log. And, it’s like a special way they prepare the sausage, it’s actually amazing and.

So begins the realist struggle of all time. So, this is not my first time to the Philippines, this is my third time here. And every time.

I’ve come the most difficult part of this trip is trying to upload posts the internet is very very challenging in most parts of the country the only exception being a few places in Manila the goal is to have a post off every two to three days as, you can imagine, it’s not going to be very easy. And there’s gonna be days where we just don’t make it, but we’re gonna fight through it we’re gonna get it. We’ll make it work.

So we were gonna wait for, you keep me, but that’ll have to be for another day because to be quite honest these guys got a very fire playlist. And we got to go ride with him. So we paying 800 pesos to get to the other side of the island today’s mission is actually to go.

And find the speech by the name of boum boum Beach. I’ve done some research on Google looked at some images that people posted, but there’s like nothing out there there’s no posts there’s no real coverage of the island, but first we have to get there we have to find it. And we don’t even know where we’re staying tonight.

So things are gonna be a little interesting, but luckily this music will get us through the day damn surprise gasps I’ll be gone we’ve been reveling about ten okay, this is supposed to be like a 30-minute drive on a jeepney we’ve been on this for about an hour. And we’re like just over three quarters of the way there is just like we’re going up a hill Russy good. So rusty though yeah, you know, it’s gonna get, you there where we going.

So, it’s a miracle we made it there was several times in that trip where. I was like this this bike is about to break down. And catch fire Oh God where there’s a will there’s a way we made it all aboard we are now getting on the public boat going to romp blonde how long does it take to get there how long to run blonde how many minutes.

I went up a full-up lap two o’clock okay let’s be honest. I still have more legroom than your average airline, this is incredible right now. I come to the Philippines to find that light blue water, this is like this very dark blue that.

I’ve not seen in many places, but, it’s absolutely beautiful right now. I’m sitting on the front of the boat. And.

I’m getting rocked back. And forth it’s so fun, this is why.

I come to the Philippines, it’s to experience things that nobody else has seen or done or at least documented. I’m here to share with, you guys. I absolutely love doing this getting lost going out into the wild.

And finding new things right now on route to Rome blonde, this is actually the wrong blonde province, but the island is also called ROM blonde. So, this is ROM blonde Island. So good.

So, this is like our Titanic no icebergs out here, but uh we’re heading right for our cargo ship oh boy collision course set for cargo ship welcome welcome welcome to load we’re now heading to a place called Marlins bar. I don’t even know they have a room available we didn’t cook anything online today’s vlog is literally all about waiting. And he hopes of finding a long beach we’re gonna find it at some point, but whether we get there there’s two rooms here Jamie and.

I just snagged the last room which. I’m really excited about as a see, it’s right on the water. And, it’s got a really cool balcony what more could, you ask for welcome to the room, this is what 1950 pesos will get, you.

And that’s roughly like 38 US dollars, you got a fan, you got air conditioning, you got a bamboo tree clean linen plugs a c. And maybe not Wi-Fi. I’m about to find out but.

I don’t think. So we were very lucky to be getting this like. I’m stoked.

I wasn’t sure if we would end up in a fan room which is okay for a night or two, but it really takes it out of you. I definitely recommend getting AC if you can afford it it only cost a couple extra dollars, but if your budget backpacker. I remember those days where.

I was just straight Fanning it wears, you down a little bit, but AC. So out here is my favorite thing about the room got this incredible patio area. And check out this beautiful ocean also, this is what happens when you’re stupid and, you don’t put sunblock on and, you wear a tank top, you see it do.

I see that yeah how do, you see that see that. I forgot to pack sunblock, but. I’m a thinker and.

I brought the aloe vera. So, you know just skip the protection part. And go right to the the remedy.

So when Jamie and. I are not roughing it in the middle of the ocean we’re reading tiny house hunters here on HGTV we’ve learned our third word of Tagalog today’s word is chicken. So, this is a pro drone tip when you’re flying over one kilometer away stand on a chair it’ll give, you an extra three feet of range all right so.

I just took off the drone like expecting nothing and. I found exactly what we’re looking for. So we’re packing up our bag we have about 45 minutes until the Sun sets.

And we’ve got one kilometre to go you’ll see what. I’m talking about in just a second, you know the cinematics gonna be tight when the boys put their joggers on got the Ronan brownie for the boys brownie for the boys Sonny’s for the boys your settings on a TV we don’t actually talk about that sort of sometimes we do mom little bun-bun no palm office-boy little bit of candy a little bit of bonny going to a bum button Bonnie, this is bonbon oh right here Christian what’s your name nice to meet, you Angelo. I’m Christian Angela oh really and, this is Bambang, it’s beautiful welcome to bonbon there’s a sandbar Hey thank you.

So much yeah what kind of beer is it all right Doris any Jenny here Edwards Canadian beer we found the sample kitchen look at this well we made it look at this thing oh my gosh it looks angelic like nothing stairway to heaven oh my god, this is not real what three nights in a row of incredible sunsets, but this one is something else sometimes in life. And things don’t go your way. And unfortunately that’s been the theme of this trip as of right now.

So far too broken microphones which have totally affected audio on a lot of shots during this trip broken audio input on this very same camera. I’m currently using. So basically.

I can’t use a microphone on it last night the biggest disaster struck. And that was that my hard drive was broken which has all the footage leading up to this point everything from Manila everything from Tablas. And all the memory cards were reformatted after importing on to that hard drive.

So essentially what. I’m saying is the first week of Philippines doesn’t exist everything is currently gone. I still do have some hope that we have a way to recover it, it’s just is it going to be recovered in time before we start posting posts.

I don’t know. And as if that wasn’t enough last night there was another little dagger. And that was that we had all of yesterday’s footage which we were like okay.

I guess, this is gonna be the first Philippines vlog let’s just focus on that. And then as Jaime asked me for the drone memory card. I realized that.

I had removed one to basically put in another to get the last couple clips of the day. And the one that had been shooting on all day like just fantastic beautiful footage is missing. I think.

I took it out probably didn’t put it in my bag properly. And now the only hope of finding it is going back to the beach right now. And hoping that the storm that was pounding against this house last night has not washed away a microSD card that is about this big.

So that is today’s story that’s today’s challenge, but we will overcome it. So clearly Jaime is a very heavy asleep because last night. I thought there was a mini hurricane going on.

And he didn’t even hear it, you didn’t wake up at all. I was acting like three listening to it thinking we’re all gonna like lose our roofs ya know like. I woke up about 5:00.

And honestly. I’m ready to get the day going but I mean before before five o’clock.

I’m out like there’s no going back after fall asleep we’re back at the beach, this is definitely like finding a needle in a haystack except the haystack is the size of an entire Beach. And then the hay was twirled around by a blender which was the storm last night. So there was just absolutely no way of finding that SD card, but, you know don’t cry over spilt milk make new milk get back to the cows they’re pulling on the utters fill up a pail so.

I flew the drone and. I made some milk not quite as beautiful as yesterday’s, but we’re not gonna talk about that we’re not going to talk about how perfect yesterday’s sunset drone footage was because as far as. I’m concerned it never happens.

So as. I mentioned. I wasn’t sure if.

I was actually gonna be able to recover that footage from Manila. And Tablas essentially the first week plus of shooting in the Philippines luckily. I was able to use a retrieval software it was probably able to retrieve about 90% of the footage five percent of it corrupted the other five percent was never seen again, but 90% is better than 0%.

So that is what enabled me to post the first two Philippines posts if you want to see those there in the Philippines playlist I’ll have the entire playlist linked down below. And guys if you’re new to my blog here make sure to press the comment button right up there get notified when the rest of the Philippines series comes out. And if you’re coming to the Philippines if you plan to travel here.

I want to get, you all set up. I’ve got the five hot tips to the Philippines the five hot tips will give, you everything from transportation setting up your phone how to save money. And, it’s completely free.

So make sure to check it out by clicking on that. And guys let’s get lost again in the next one. ?

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