Santiago de Compostela Map With Counties

ALTO DE VENTO Pleasant bar / meson of the same name. Here you pass into the Concello de Ames. Continue down the road for [600m] Veer ing Right at bus shelter, through the village of Ventosa. Straight across main road [400m] (recently widened) onto track reemerging onto main road into Lombao (shop) [600m]. Continue on straight stretch of road ahead for [1.2 km] to:

Traverse the hamlet and pass over main road. (For cafe1 bar Carmen turn left on main road for 50 metres. A useful refreshment stop and the last before Negreira). Here the concrete path shortly becomes a new track through Pine and Eucalyptus forest. (From here it’s a long uphill climb of 2.8 km). This track snakes its way uphill but occasional concrete benches have been provided to rest a weary body. The track emerges onto the main road just below the wayside drinking font F] of Santa Maria Trasmonte [2.2 km] its now only [150m] to the top and another [150m] down into Carballo (small hamlet with bar) and [1.0 km] into:

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3.5 km TRASMONTE Crossroads hamlet with Bar. (Cruceiro of Sr. James and Parish church of Santa Maria with baroque tower just off route on the road to the left This is also the road to the ruins of the Castelo de Altamira. A 4 km round trip by road via Portanxil, Lebordns to A Torre [above Brians] see map front cover). From here its all the way downhill through the small hamlets of: Reino [200m] Burgueiros [500m] Ponte Maceira [500m] and [300m] to the bridge at:

1.5 km PUENTE (MACEIRA) Magnificent medieval bridge (restored) stretching [100m] over the rio Tambre. The original Roman bridge is now buried beneath these waters (downstream). In a legend, reminiscent of the Red Sea biblical storyt we are told that God destroyed the bridge in a single stroke to prevent Roman soldiers based at Duio (Fisterra) pursuing the followers of St James. This enduring myth lives on in the coat of arms of the local council. A reflection, perhaps, of the continuing split between church and state, between inner and outer authority? Will you dive down below the surface of the rio Tambre to rebuild the bridge to the source of your own inner knowing?

The hamlet itself is one of the best Ponte Maceira served in Galicia with fine mansions Over the rio Tambre ipaios) lining the river bank and houses with armorial shields. A delightful place to rest. A newly refurbished cafe/ bar and exclusive restaurant has recently reopened with terrace overlooking the extensive weir. It was closed for a year following flooding that took the water level to just below ceiling height! It was to take several months for the water level to subside below the floor level. In 2001. the woodwork was still drying out. giving some idea of the rain fall in Galicia!

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