Hello everybody my name is Hany dean. And we are continuing our road trippin with best Western hotels, this is our next destination beautiful Vancouver Canada. And take a look at the view from our room whoo all right let’s go.

So our first activity. And the West Coast City of Vancouver was to go biking on the 8 kilometers he wall which wraps around Stanley Park thank, you there’s largest part. So now that we worked up a ridiculous appetite biking all on the seawall, it’s time for lunch.


And what’s for lunch sushi a Vancouver favorite seriously there’s so many different sushi restaurants around the city. And that’s working for lunch after lunch we headed over to granville island by Coopers artisan theater.

And foodie marketplace hot spot. So does I’m so excited.

So, this is a poutine there’s fries gravy. And cheese curds. And, it’s very delicious another great dining spot in Vancouver is historic gas town, it’s full of super trendy healthy eating options okay.

So today we are leaving downtown. And we are going on a road trip over to the North Shore where it is quite a bit different than what we were seeing yesterday right now we are just planning out what we want to see. And do right Alex getting that plan going yep Capilano Suspension Bridge which is a suspension bridge over top of the Capilano River which is down there let’s go cross because that’s what, you do when, you get to a bridge, you cross it then our last stop of the trip was up the gondola on Grouse Mountain.

So there are two ways to get up grouse mountain the first is the gondola. And the second is the grouse grind a 2.9 kilometer hike up the mountain to about 850 3 meters people we’re not doing that today though no are we doing Alex we’re taking the gondola taking the gondola at the top, you are greeted with some spectacular views overlooking all of the City of Vancouver yet some of the local residents who just.

So happened to be out from their hibernation while. I hope you’ve enjoyed the mountainous west coast city of Vancouver because next up on our road trip is the tropical east coast of Orlando Florida click the link at the end of this post to go watch. I am hit in a row with my chouchou, but what about hotels do.

I need to request a special room. And are all hotels pet friendly remember Tom not all hotels are pet friendly. ?

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