Hey guys.

So for breakfast this morning. I am at the Apolo hotel here in Bratislava and, this is just the breakfast that they have here when, you stay at the hotel, but. I’m going to be getting a bunch of steamed vegetables because.


I feel like vegetables in the morning, it’s offered in the buffet breakfast, but hey about some Kiwis oranges got an egg. And then we have this cake which is a Binaca cake here in sabaki. And it is basically just like a cake with powdered sugar on top.

So yeah, this is popular cake here in Slovakia more. So popular or Christmas side even though. I just left Krypton sine plus out of juice and I got two coffees plus a little Jam if. I want more sugar on my cake very simple straightforward rectus. and I’m excited to see what the rest of the day is gonna taste like alright guys. So for lunch we are here visiting the Devine castle is about 20 minutes outside of fresh cassava. And we’ve stopped off here at the Nasdaq Palace magic Palace restaurant for lunch yes, it’s kind of a base of it to the base of the grass oh yeah.

So wait. I know. I know look at our lunches look lunches okay little flag alright.

So what is it Sony okay. So, it’s no key sauerkraut. And pork with a little Slovak flag with a little slow fig there, you go Edgar.

And then beer because like this don’t, you. I’m looking forward to this this nokia is like flat nokia. So, you like Italian Nokia which is like, you know like like around they’re more like ground no please, this is like a flat no key no saying.

I’ve never had no view for us Oh open enjoy your Nokia experience let’s do this whoo for dinner tonight we have stopped all that old town Bratislava. And one of the many restaurants kind of like in the area. I think, it’s one of the Slovak houses.

I don’t really know what, it’s called good job dating, this is what. I want for dinner, this is a pork schnitzel. And a potato salad.

So, it’s a lot of schnitzel. And Stephanie what do, you got, this is a personal pork dumpling or bread dumplings. And pork blush yep that is very very slow that is it be full of beef oh yeah YUM.

And beer, this is a lot of food, this is Oh food. I am slowly making my way through the schnitzel which is very good. And the two fellows which is very man named Z cause, you to split a meal here probably just let one tap out.

I tap out schnitzel. I tap out. I think.

I made it about halfway through. I, it’s just too much here my body told me that’s enough, this is literally like two portions, this is this could be two people all right guys hey. ?

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