We’re in downtown Lima Peru. So the clouds have parted. And now we actually get a full view of machu picchu no my name is Cindy and.

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I am the Lama Sasha pakka. I don’t know. I want all this in my bedroom have to do a little retail therapy five shelves the nice little mark it here in cusco let me restate that not little big market.

I will not be continuing along the inca path because. I do not bring proper footwear I’ll just walk back to the bus. ?

Much of my revisiting everywhere for this new guide entailed using a combination of cycling or walking a length of travel destination and then staying overnight or returning to my van by bus or train or arranging pick-ups from friends. The travel destination is continuously within easy reach of good bus and train services, both in rural and city locations. Nothing however beats doing Edinburgh to Glasgow as a continuous journey, and with so many towns and good transport links this can be done easily. So, do take time and take side trips as well as enjoying the travel destinations – a mixing of opportunities and not just the ever-present towpath in view. Make it special. There really are plenty of pubs and cafes accessible nearby but some may be closed on Mondays; take some liquid and nibbles along. Much about travel destinations in general, and specific features in particular, appears in the main text, but a few comments may be of interest here. In the travel destinations’ heyday during the early nineteenth century, the lack of locks on the Union Destination allowed travellers a speedy crossing between the cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow. The once-thriving service took as little as 13 hours, and cost the equivalent of 7 pence. At one time there were plans to run the travel destination through Princes Street Gardens in Edinburgh and down to Leith docks, but fierce opposition blocked this extension.

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