Mekong Cruises- Mekong River- Luang Prabang Laos

Hey guys.

So today’s we are saying goodbye the Thailand which is all right over here. And hello to Laos which is over there, but to get there we got across the river Mekong River on these boats. So now.

I’m currently loading them up with our luggage never gonna be on our way to Laos everyone say. I’m on the phone see, you guys Laos alright guys. So now that we’re in Laos we have boarded our canal boats.

Mekong Cruises- Mekong River- Luang Prabang Laos Photo Gallery

I guess. I think we’re gonna go cruise along the Mekong River. So day one of cruising down the mekong river is over.

And we stopped off at our overnight stay which is pretty much just in this little village in a pack bed, this is very me, it’s part of the village just here on the Mekong River so. I wanted to Layton the cab used for the religions of the post was admin tasks when the population believed the cost of delivery a spirit of the nature. And that people do also believe the cave was a place of the rivers feelings of the river spirit.

So as can be seen here to her meals. And some enjoyment that it was reading quest for the local people before around the eighth century good job boys boom axe you’re really contributing to this line a good job. I love her cheer squad.

I know we’re just like the reading dally good set go go go go, this is traffic once, you get used to it. I mean pulling camera. I’ve been baking for shower cm tall the Temple of the golden city.

So the temple is the center of the religions of the Buddhist people. So we didn’t come to the temples anytime we want. So the temples where we come making merit likely to be the people to be happy when we are not happy will come to the temple bring flowers food to feed the monks.

And we forget from the Buddha back all right. So, you guys anyone okay it means 5,000 killer snake. So that whiskey there’s a snake centerpiece scorpion the lower ski basically is a 50% of the alcohol okay one two three, but good luck good, you try for sure oh yeah yeah a place having.

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