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Return to the Bon Xesus turn off (the road to Forxas will not save you any tim 7 and you will miss the fine road side cross just before Bon Xesus).

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Turn off Right (SIGNPOSTED BON XESUS) onto minor road and just be fore entering the hamlet of Bon Xesus stone cross (left) with Monte Aro rising up behind. This hamlet was the site of an earlier pilgrim hospital and refuge. Continue through Gueima (Xeima) (ignoring old waymarks [rightj which take the asphalt road around the base of Monte Aro. This is an alternative route but not recommended as it is longer, mostly on asphalt road and the wb’ marks are faded) and keep straight on to:

2.7 km VILAR DO CASTRO Turn sharp Right by farm buildings and immediately left ! (dogs) up a farm track that traverses the side of Monte Aro. From here there are magnificent views over the extensive reservoir; Emhalse de Fervenza. At the summit (555 metres) are the remains of an ancient hill fort with legends of buried treasure! The camifio itself drops down again below the summit entering woodland to emerge at the back of a farmyard in Lago [2.2 km]. Here the way marking is obscure. A straight road leads to Portelirias [500m] (Here the alternative road route joins via Campo Valado from the right). Turn Left and proceed for [400m] to the outskirts of:

3.1 km ABELEIROAS Turn off Right by bus shelter (Concello Mazaricos) along a quiet asphalt road. A wind farm now opens up ahead (on the western horizon). The road swings Right after [1.0 km] (ignore earth track straight ahead) through young Pine plantation to the isolated cemetery of San Cristobo de Corzon [1.2 km]. (Over to your right are the Montes de la Ritna with the highest peak the Monte do Casteloi Ritha (645 m) site of a medieval castle with more legends of buried gold)! Pass the cemetery and turn immediately Left and keep on road for [1.6 km], turning Right in Mallon to:

Note: From Abeleiroas there is a local road to A Picota I (3.0 km South) which has guest house accommodation (see map).

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