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The couple decided to put down roots and promptly established a Stockton Subway Map winery that soon became noted for culinary and wine appreciation programs, as well as quality wines. Stockton Subway Map Winemaker Amanda Cramer, who advised the Niners on which grape varieties to plant, attended U.C. Davis, then worked at several celebrated Northern California wineries, including Far Niente and Paradigm Winery. Hired at Niner in 2004 and charged with helping to design the production facility, Cramer canvassed colleagues in Napa Valley to configure the perfect winery. The resulting 60,000-square-foot state-of-the art facility includes a gravity-fed system that gently moves fruit and juice, yielding superior wine; circular arrays of fermentation tanks for seamless transport of must; and catwalks for easy access to tank tops.

After several weeks traveling eastward through Finland, we again fotmd ourselves among the smiling Russians, a people of rare and spontaneous generosity.

Below: Otchum, back in his native country, with his mate and seven of his sons Naiiook, Baikal, Torok, Voulk, Amarok, Oumiak, and Oukiok behind him.

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