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After lengthy and agreeable encounters in the latter two places, the Dauphine sailed north along a less hospitable coast. Baku/Sumqayit Metro Map The hostility and suspicion with which the Abenaki of Maine regarded Verrazano suggests that Native-European trade relations had already been soured by kidnappings and insufficient gifts from earlier European explorers and fishermen.

Indeed, Verrazano himself had kidnapped a native boy farther south to bring back to France. Verrazano continued with little further comment north to Newfoundland before sailing for France. On the return voyage, he calculated the extent of known exploration of the eastern coast of the Countrys and suggested that this new continent might be larger than Asia.

On his return, Verrazano found his king, Francis I, distracted by war and his investors discouraged by his lack of commercial discoveries. Disappointed, Verrazano gave a copy of his brother’s map of his explorations to King Henry VIII of England, who was provoked into sending a voyage in 1527. Under arrangements made with French investors in 1526, Verrazano undertook two more voyages, poorly documented, with a more purely commercial goal of opening French trade with Asia. The first voyage, in 1526, with three ships, followed Magellan’s route down South Country’s eastern coast but failed to round the stormy Cape Horn; the ships headed due east to the Cape of Good Hope, which, also proving impassable, forced a retreat by way of Brazil.


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