A Trip to Koh Phangan

My trip to Thailand last summer was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Even pronouncing its name suggests something magical, different, full of surprises and not completely explored. At least, for me.

After I set foot on Thong Sala, which is the main ferry port on island of Koh Phangan, where I spent most of my time during the visit to Thailand, I encountered the first challenge cultural differences. Somebody would call it cultural shock as well, but the truth is that you should know some things about the country you’re going to before actually going there. Just so as to be prepared. Well, I missed this one bargaining. Everybody does it, from shop assistants to taxi drivers. This would be my first advice to you. Do bargain, unless you want to insult them, because they consider this as the great part of their culture. Never accept the first offered price because be sure it’s much higher than it should be. Also, if you want to go somewhere by taxi, tell the taxi driver to turn on taximeter before telling your destination.

My vacation in Koh Phangan wasn’t mostly spent lying on the beach and taking a walk in the evening. Here, I found plenty of things to do because it offers a variety of choice. So, one day I decided to rent a car and go around the island and stop here and there, anywhere I liked. Haad Chao Phao was the first stop. It was full of people who went there to find peace and quiet and just relax. Haad Yao offered me so much fun such as snorkeling which I always wanted to try, but didn’t because I was afraid. But this time I had to do it, and believe me it was all worth it. The underwater life is so vivid. This beach offers you various restaurants and beach bars.

The second challenge was food. I love food and I always tend to try the local specialties when I travel somewhere. The main characteristic of Thai food is its spiciness. If you don’t like spicy food, make sure to emphasize this detail wherever you’re buying food, and my personal recommendation would be, of course restaurants, but most of all the food in the streets. When you see where the local people are buying food in the street, be sure it’s great. Food Market is also a place you should visit because it offers you a variety of food you cannot imagine. As for the restaurants, there is no mistake there, but I found Bamboo Bistrot as the place I returned to many times. The staff is so kind and pleasant, and the food is great.

One of the reasons this place hasn’t seen the last of me, because I’m definitely coming back here soon, are the parties! Full Moon and Half Moon parties are the biggest attraction of Koh Phangan. Fool Moon is bigger and more important, but both of these parties gather thousands of young people from around the world. The tradition you can learn here is to wear clothes in fluorescent colors and fluorescent paint is being used for body painting. And no matter what kind of music you listen to, you will find it here!

I don’t think it’s necessary to mention how much I was thrilled with Thailand, but I still had to say it. A place like this offers you so many things that unfortunately I didn’t have time to explore all of them, and that’s one of the reasons I’m coming back here some day in the future. But for now, I booked my reservation to go to Tahiti next Summer via Tahiti holidays and I cannot tell you how much I’m looking forward to it.

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