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To your right is the beach, and there is no Tel Aviv Metro Map reason why, if the tide is right, you cannot follow the sands rather than sticking to Tel Aviv Metro Map the embankment path. At low tide it is possible to see the 7,000-year-old roots and stumps of the remains of a forest inhabited by Stone Age people. A vast number of sea birds have been sighted here, including the spotted redshank, shelduck, widgeon, teal, pintail, tufted duck, lapwing, coot, moorhen, mallard, pochard, black-headed gull, herring gull, dunlin and purple sandpiper. The shores hereabouts have had much else to offer in the past. In Off The Beaten Track In Sussex, Arthur Cooke writes: ‘Our beach-loafer “on the find” may stumble across flotsam and jetsam of every kind ..

As November passed into December, George’s cough became much worse and his health declined. His devoted wife, Lola, his son, Leon, and his old schoolmate and closest friend, Volney Ferris, were by his side. With his family and friend’s strong emotional support, George Smith did not give up.

January 1, 1909, was the swearing-in day, the moment George had long awaited. He struggled out of bed, dressed in his finest and took the oath. George Smith was finally Sheriff of Allegan County.

The day was filled with joy and deep sadness. It was painfully obvious to everyone that George Smith did not have long to live. The disease had spread from his lungs to his internal organs. He passed away at his residence in the Allegan jail, March 3, 1909. The direct cause of death was kidney failure, a result of Tuberculosis.

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