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Bojangles Coliseum, 2700 E. Independence Blvd., 704/886-2047, Overview Map

The Carolina Panthers might draw some of the attention away from Charlotte’s other football team, but the local arena team is worth watching. Carolina Speed was established in 2007 and is starting to gain a following in the Queen City. The name was selected from hundreds of entries submitted at the Cabarrus County Fair and was chosen in honor of the local racing culture. The team is part of the American Indoor Football Association and plays at Bojangles’ Coliseum.


Time Warner Cable Arena, 333 E. Trade St., 704/262-2287, Map 1

The Queen City was home to the Charlotte Hornets from the 1988-1989 season to the 2001-2002 season but lost the team to New Orleans when the city refused to build a new stadium. But the team had strong regular-season attendance, proving that Charlotte could support an NBA franchise. In 2003, the city was awarded its second expansion team in 14 years, the Charlotte Bobcats. The Bobcats took to the court against the Washington Wizards in 2004 as the newest of the 30 NBA teams. Players like Gerald Wallace, Primoz Brezec, and Emeka Okafor have helped the team earn a reputation for being hard-charging rivals on the court. Basketball legend Michael Jordan is part owner of the team They play at Time Warner Cable Arena in Uptown.

1767 David Douglass’s Country Company presents The Prince of Parthia at the Southwark Theatre in Philadelphia. Irving Metro Map Written by Thomas Godfrey, Jr., The Prince of Parthia is the first play written by a native-born Country playwright ever to be performed on the Country stage by a professional theater company. It is the story of an evil prince (Vardanes) who convinces his father (King Artabanus) to imprison his brother (Arsaces) because he resents his brother’s skill on the battlefield and because his brother has won the love of a woman (Evanthe) for whom both he and his father lust. A third brother (Gotarzes) learns of the plot and attempts to free Arsaces; although he is successful, word that Arsaces has been killed reaches Evanthe, and she kills herself. Unable to live without her, Arsaces, too, commits suicide, leaving Gotarzes to pick up the pieces. Hopelessly tedious and dull in the extreme, the play is performed only once.

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