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The center extends outdoors to a spacious deck overlooking the lake Istanbul Metro Map and vineyards, where guests are invited to enjoy Bianchi wines, observe the wildlife, and relax Istanbul Metro Map to the soothing sounds of the waterfall and the cooling breezes from the lake. OF SPECIAL NOTE: Deli foods sold in tasting room. Gift shop with clothing, pottery, and wine accessories. Vineyard House, a renovated farmhouse, offers overnight lodging. Wines including Barbera, Cabernet Franc, Moscato, Refosco, and Sangiovese available only in tasting room. NEARBY ATTRACTIONS: Barney Schwartz Park (lake, picnic areas); Estrella Warbird Museum (restored military aircraft, memorabilia).

To avoid open sections of the river, we sometimes had to make long detours deep into the forest. Progress was very slow. We had to chop down trees to straighten the course, then push, pull, and free the sled, and finally make a trail in the deep snow by passing back and forth on it several times so that the dogs would be able to haul the sled and its heavy load. During the first part of our long trip, we would set off in the morning with nothing but the tent, the camp stove, and whatever Diane and Montaine needed for the night. As soon as we had stopped for the day, I would take seven dogs (the other three would stay in camp to rest) and go back along our trail, which was now well marked and often frozen hard, to pick up the load that we had left at our previous camp.

Montaine is taking a fascinating course in nature study, although the forest seems to her the greatest playground in the world. Her little voice echoes commandingly across the silence, calling each dog by name: Ouklok, Vonlk, Kourvik, Baikal. . . . This is her way of counting to ten. And the animals, growing docile at the sound, prick up their ears and one by one lengthen their pace, responding to the wishes of their little mistress. This is Christmas for the snow child Montaine, a Christmas such as every child in the world might dream of, total wonderment.

Jean Francois Chaigneau, for French television show “Tele-7 Jours”

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