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And welcome back to my how to travel series basically, this is a step-by-step guide to help, you guys plan your very own travel adventure all right. So does everyone have to repeat the paper from last week if not grab that out now because we’re going to be making a couple more decisions on our trip. So for this episode we’re going to talk about the different types of travel different styles that, you can travel in yeah we’re going to go through all the styles of travel.

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And really figure out what is it that, you are looking for what would suit, you best. And what, you can enjoy most. So now the rules are with group tours they’re gonna provide, you with accommodation they’re going to give, you up activities that, you can do during the day they provide, you with transportation to.

And from places they provide tour guides they provide a whole lot of extra things that, you don’t have to organize yourself it is literally the best way to get started on travel, it’s super easy super relaxed. So another thing about tour groups are they’re very social. And they’re absolutely perfect for solo travelers that don’t want to travel solo.

So if you are thinking about taking a trip, you really want to go somewhere, but, you don’t necessarily have anyone else to go with or no one else wants to come with, you or their schedules just kind of don’t work out hop on a tour group they take care of solar travelers like no other. And most of them are just like, you they are solo travelers that just they just wanted to travel, but they didn’t have someone else to go with said with group tours, you can plant them anywhere from a day, you can do a day trip, you can do a three day trip, you can do a week-long, you can do a 3 week 4 week month-long however long group trip, you want. So there’s different degrees of group tours depending on how all-inclusive, you would like your travels to be they’re just simple they’re easy they’re fun those are packaged script tours.

So now moving on to self-organized travel if you’re feeling kind of confident. And you’re like yeah. I want.

I want to go out I’ll meet my friends we’re gonna we’re gonna go do some traveling. And and you’re feeling confident enough that, you can book accommodations. And transportation.

And, it’s really just organized what, you want to do. And what, you want to see go for it group travel is awesome of all the different styles of travel the probably the cheapest is to do a group of about 4 people 4 is an amazing number 3 not. So bad either or 2 once, you get above 4 people in your group when, you travel.

I find that it gets a little bit more difficult to manage and, you end up breaking up into smaller groups a lot more often. So try to keep your group to about 4 that’s kind of the perfect number the beauty of this type of travel is, you can share sharing is caring my friend and, you can share and, this is gonna be one of the best like money-saving tips for, you on the road is sharing hotel rooms. And sharing beds.

So if you’re like being with don’t have a dirty mind tear people don’t have a dirty mind um me. And my sister we would share one the queen-size or double bed is appeasing one room oh we would share meals together because a lot of times you’re eating out at restaurants and, you want to try something, you want for a couple different things, but, you don’t want to order a whole bunch of food because you’re not going to eat it all you’re paying for it. So two people four people right people, you can share meals, it’s wonderful couple things.

I should warn, you about group or a couple travel be very cautious of who, you are going to be taking these trips with there are certain people that in real in everyday situations, you get along fantastic with their amazing friends brothers sisters whatever, but as soon as, you put them in a travel situation sometimes your personalities just don’t flow, you need to have very strict roles. So, you need to have somebody that’s that’s an organizer or at least two people in your team that are organizers if nobody’s really going to take that task on, it’s going to be very very difficult for, you as a group to plan. And do everything because you’re just gonna have nobody that really takes the lead or the reins great as they say, you also need to have a very clear idea of where, you would like to go.

And what, you would like to see because, you can’t there’s good the other people that group they’re gonna want to do different things than what you’re gonna want to do so. I mean these are not bad things that’s, it’s it’s just what it look, it’s the game of life kids compromises are everywhere. So just be aware that when you’re on the road that sometimes will be something that, you will be, you won’t be able to see because your friend, you just don’t have time.

And someone else, you group want to see something else just what. I would say is, it’s best to clarify all these things beforehand plan what each of, you want to do and. So, you can make sure that everybody is seeing everything they want to get to next up we’ve got solo travel oh, you guys, you folks that are thinking of doing its solo you’re pretty brave, you are very very brave first off let’s go through some of the positives of solo travel.

So the travel is amazing because, it’s all about, you baby, you get to decide where, you want to go, you get to decide where, you want to eat every day, you get to decide when. And how long. And everything, it’s all, you which is absolutely wonderful because like.

I was talking about the group travel there are no compromises because, you are so look traveling did, you just do whatever. So in a sense of freedom, it’s amazing with solo travel though, you have to be very self-sufficient that’s why, it’s not recommended for beginners.

I’m not saying that, you can’t do it, it’s beginner. I kind of did it as a beginner, but, it’s not necessarily always recommended because, you are organizing everything by yourself, you don’t necessarily have someone else to help, you or to guide, you on your way, but if you are confident if you feel like, you can organize everything. And you’re grading for an adventure.

And a risk seriously by all means do it there are tons of resources. And one of the best things about travel is all the amazing people you’re going to meet on your way like. I would recommend though if you are doing solo travel is stay in hostels stay in ourselves again.

I’m going to cover this in a later topic, but hostels are the best way to meet other travelers because when you’re so traveling even though your solo talent, you don’t have to be alone there are tons. And tons of people who are also travelling, you just got to put yourself out there.

And meet them. So will travel is absolutely wonderful. And once you’ve done it once or twice be the cake reason apart nothing to it, you will feel.

So much more confident. So if you are thinking about doing a solo trip start with a smaller one start with something that that’s manageable. And nothing too extreme because, you can really really figure out if that’s the style, you like some people obviously love.

So a travel. And some people, it’s not really for them. So down below in the link.

I’m going to be listing off a bunch of the tour operators that. I’ve worked with. And resources for, you in the different categories to kind of like help plan.

And help, you decide which one, you kind of want to do alright guys thank you. So so much for reading. And please let me know what else do, you want to see what, you want me to talk about um what are your questions what are your concerns let me know down below and.

I will try to answer as many as possible in future posts or in the comments ah alright thank you so much for reading and. I will see, you next week bye hi guys welcome to my brilliant travel series haha.

So basically. I wanted to create this travel series because. I get a lot of questions.

And dumb comments from, you guys asking about my trips how I planned them how do, you plan your own trips where go just basically a whole feel of questions. ?

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