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The capital, Philadelphia, will remain under Quaker control for Delhi Map several decades, while the western portion of Penn’s huge land grant will be settled mainly Delhi Map by Presbyterians, Lutherans, and members of the German Reformed Church. 1685 King Louis XIV of France revokes the Edict of Nantes, suspending the rights of French Protestants, or Huguenots, to practice their religion. About 500 Huguenots, many of them skilled at various trades, will move to Carolina (then constituting both North and South Carolina) by 1700 as a result. 1690 Father Damian Massanet establishes the first Spanish mission at San Francisco de los Tejas (in present-day Texas).

1692 The witch trials scandalize the town of Salem, Massachusetts. Puritans, fearing they have let down the moral standards of their ancestors, begin to search for scapegoats. Widowed and older women, along with a handful of men, are accused of engaging in witchcraft and sorcery. The furor eventually subsides after the governor’s wife is accused but not until more than two dozen alleged witches have been put to death. One of the judges involved, Samuel Sewall, will publicly apologize for his role in 1697.

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