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Then John shan’t go, sais shee. No Atlanta Map Tourist Attractions , indeed, shan’t hee; And held forth at that rate a long time, Atlanta Map Tourist Attractions that I began to fear I was got among the Quaking tribe, beleeving not a Limbertong’d sister among them could out do Madm. Hostes. Upon this, to my no small surprise, son John arrose, and gravely demanded what I would give him to go with me? Give you, sais I, are you John? Yes, says he, for want of a Better; And behold! this John look’t as old as my Host, and perhaps had bin a man in the last Century. Well, Mr. John, sais I, make your demands.

Again, everyone dismissed the sounds as natural settling. Then the third knock came. Smiling, I threw out the possibility that it could be a spirit responding and suggested the questions continue.

Scott took the suggestion. “If that was you, could you do that again for us? Let us know you’re here so we know that’s not just a coincidence.”

Another rap came from somewhere in the barn, but this time much louder. “Okay,” Scott’s voice trailed off as his eyes searched the darkness.

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