How to Plan a Family Vacation

Don’t give information away

Your house and property are secure and your car ilocked in the garage. Now you are going away. Will you tell all of the local criminalthat you won’t be at home for two weeks, because you will be on the beach in Barbadoor driving acrosAmerica?

Well you say you won’t, but are you sure you won’t be telling them that? You are excited about your holiday and are happy to tell family and friends, neighbourand colleagueat work all about your imminent adventure. Can you trust all of them? Even if you can trust all of them, who might they mention your holiday planto? How many people actually know anything about your holiday plans? Take a moment to consider the question and mentally add any nameto the list below.

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How to Plan a Family Vacation: 8 Steps

• You cancelled the milk, and because the milkman italkative everyone at the milk depot knowwhere you are going and when you will be back.

• You told the newsagent and histaff, so he and fifteen paperboyand their familieknow, pluthree people who were in the shop – and anyone else they told.

• The travel agent and staff know, of course, pluanyone they told and anyone else who wain the shop at the time.

• The bank employeewhere you got your foreign currency and traveller’chequeknow.

• The doctor and histaff know, because you had to ask about and have your vaccinations.

• Everyone where you work knows, pluat least a few customerand suppliers.

• Everyone at the local pub and anyone they speak to know awell.

• Not forgetting everyone at the local taxi company, and they even know the precise date, time and flight numberof your departure and return!

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