Recife Map Tourist Attractions

Recife Map Tourist Attractions

When the men of the Five Nations, now called forth Recife Map Tourist Attractions to become warriors, are ready for battle with an obstinate opposing nation that has refused to accept Recife Map Tourist Attractions the Great Peace, then one of the five War Chiefs shall be chosen by the warriors of the Five Nations to lead the army into battle.

It shall be the duty of the War Chief so chosen to come before his warriors and address them. His aim shall be to impress upon them the necessity of good behavior and strict obedience to all the commands of the War Chiefs. He shall deliver an oration exhorting them with great zeal to be brave and courageous and never to be guilty of cowardice.

At the conclusion of his oration he shall march forward and commence the War Song and he shall sing: Now I am greatly surprised And, therefore I shall use it The power of my War Song. I am of the Five Nations And I shall make supplication To the Almighty Creator. He has furnished this army. My warriors shall be mighty In the strength of the Creator. Between him and my song they are For it was he who gave the song This war song that I sing!

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