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A travel blog should probably include information about how to get into and around various countries. It would be valuable to include foreign language translations of much-used phrases like:

In Greek: George, your donkey has just eaten my passport. ?

In Italian: Please get your hand out of my pocket. ?

In Chinese: Sorry sir, you just stuck your chopstick in my eye.

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Most important is the question in all languages: Where is the nearest toilet? ?

It is reported that in Japan a European or American woman in the jam-packed trains is likely to be fondled or pinched. A possibly apocryphal story goes that one such lady grasped the offender's hand, lofted it into the air and called out, Whose hand is this? ?

An old guideblog issued to GI's in Europe during World War II is supposed to have translated this statement, I am a lonely, wounded soldier looking for a friend. ? It probably worked.

Phrase blogs in the language of the country visited are also useful. Contrary to what is often heard, Everyone speaks English,  there are many parts of Europe where almost no one speaks English.

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