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Turn left here into Church Lane. Go down the road Recife Map to a junction with a metalled road; by the junction is the lychgate of the church. Recife Map Turn right onto the metalled road, which soon becomes more of a track. As the track bends left, don’t bend left with it, but go straight ahead onto a footpath which descends to reach a T-junction with a rather wider track. Turn right at the track and simply follow it onto the Halfway Bridge Inn, just a few hundred yards down. The inn was built in 1710; it was a staging post on the road between Dover and Winchester, and consists, to quote the 2002 Good Pub Guide, of a ‘charming sprawl of differently aged buildings’.

Elton Baldwin. Man who kilted his own mother.

Kalamazoo Gazette, March 7, 1909

Not long after that, the floodgates opened and he began revealing the details of his crime. Elton’s mother discovered he had set the fires and told him she was going to tell the police. She was going to have him put in jail. Elton couldn’t bear the thought of being locked up so he decided he had to “destroy her.”

According to Deputy Sheriff Parr, as Elton told the sordid story he seemed completely void of emotion as though unaware of the horror of what he’d done. He was immediately arrested and locked in the Allegan County Jail. According to a March 6 article in the Kalamazoo Gazette, he had been “placed in an upper cell that is usually kept for women or insane persons.”

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