Hey guys excited your belemnite. But first we’re gonna go meet up with Rachel at a cafe called cafe construction okay guys. So we are heading out to the cafe, and to get some coffee yeah right – oh we set this in the first beginning oh sorry beginning where are we right now hey guys. So we just here at Pepe Holland and, I’m happy.

24 HOURS IN BERLIN Photo Gallery

Because I hustle on the corner of flat white which I haven’t had in. So long. Because the Americans go to us when they advertise that it’s the Aussie black ride, and they do it here in Europe which is good that’s a good coffee yeah I would caught up with our Rachel she’s also a blogger as well she has a blog called the tarpaulin of wandering, I’ll put a little link below I know instagrams can go check it out cuz she does really cool photos, and she’s also recommended a route for us to go around Berlin we Google that it was just all museums. So thank you so much for catching up with us how’s your coffee yeah thanks so much for hanging out with that -. So cool. So nice to catch up with people yo wanna mr. ever ago when our my daddy vinyl we’ve been traveling a lot with German former analyst named Chris Reaper, and they always talked about this bread for void ship, and the lobby party sign, and it says brought which is bread in German breach in sweet guts done.

So we can try it literally we’ve heard about so much especially Costa Rican war hungry, and cherry food stories, and now we’re gonna try it they always talks about it we bought some semen free going be ready how are you my boy brought which wheeze bread, and bright chin is the type of bread can I have some have you already tried it Plano, and we’re eating rice, and beans, and toys to recall the Germans were saying bad, I’m pretty sure it’s like a dan pop, I’m sorry I only sleep – Giulio – Christoph David to everyone that recommended this bread yes is repair is it’s just bread, I’ll try it when you guys it does taste better than it tastes better than Costa Rican bread are we meant to dip it in something nor is it. So, I’m sorry we need to get wrong we’ve got excited should we go back, and get a sweet pastry yeah, I’m sorry German friends it’s just bread bread already let’s go get a baby three okay we’re eating this wrong, and we need to dip it into ruts worth do you think of raisins in it stand up to the jerk raisins raisins raisins Raymond we ask the lady I was like which is one with raisins, and she’s not raisin simulant raisins, and she’s a recent move the research is that raisins reason it’s just bread I can’t believe well the Sun is so bright I can’t believe we still haven’t seen rain here in Europe we’ve been here for two weeks now haven’t seen rain Rach was telling us at last week it was raining here for four days straight, and she can’t believe that it’s so sunny as well by bringing the Sun with us mm-hmm it is so bright. So everyone in Europe you thank us in the comment section honey we’re almost out the first stop of the day which is the Berlin Durham it is a Victorian here in Berlin that’s all I know about it. So the Berlin dome is on an island, and there’s a lot of bridges that take you over there. So we’re just going to go across, and see what else is over there as you can see over there can you see there’s the bridge, and then that is the big dome right there I really hope I can find a sign.

So I can know what goes on in there this island is where a lot of major museums are the sort of sign, and those about six museums over here, and they’re all in such beautiful buildings maybe the dome is also a museum, I’m not 100% sure. But I know there are a lot of museums over here. So this is the spot to go to museums got some really cool buildings, and again the dome the people say they want to hit now hit now a really pretty building right here, and a really cute spot under this tree nice, and sunny for a little picnic we, I’m hundred percent sure if you later whoop in the grass just as no one else was. But we’re gonna see a sign. So soon we got ourselves a little salad here for only two euros which I thought was pretty good, and then some little biscuits as well good pretty good I believe we have no clouds at all this is so lucky gonna get up with my car home for the crabs, and clams man museum Island was really beautiful to explore there are some like Egyptian museums, and then probably some German museums as well there’s a really beautiful area if you wanted to just walk around, and make enough noise there yeah it’s worth checking it out yeah especially if you have time to go into the museums. Because already here for the day we did have time we want to see things.

But um it is a good little island to hang out for a day to check out the neat thing is we’re now when I wade through a gate sounds. So weird well what’s the name of the gate again oh my gosh future Steven can you please write the name of the gate just yeah thank you. So we’re gonna check that out. Because a lot of people had suggested she made a little bruton of where would you go which is really helpful. But yeah I think this building has been one of the prettiest we’ve seen in Berlin now hey this Berlin dome yeah which, I’m guessing now after seeing the cross on top which I didn’t notice before I must be a religious building I thought it was amazing besides there’s a ton of leaves. But as you see over here someone has the craziest job of raking up all the leaves though there’s such a big job have fun would it be to grab one of those bags, and just throw it over the top of your head then I can clear Oh close the girl bag on my head oh I see we’ve been for at least two jump in the bin jump in that bin over there it’s full of leaves this is the best spot of it don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t know Steve within the dome what is he doing he’s trying to find all of the good angles where is it going the domes here hi Steve all righty we’ve made it to the Brandenburg Gate like when they said gate I was picturing like the gates to the side. So I think you know yeah yeah, and it it more reminds me of the arch de Triomphe in Paris, and besides you’re using that as our.

But I think like this is when the I guess it was like a wall kind of around the city or something, I’m not sure that this was like a gate to get through the wall it’s right here. So we’re coming to you check out Parliament House which is another point interest here yeah she’s gonna have a look around, and then we’re gonna make our way to the Holocaust Memorial which we’re very interested in seeing in class the Parliament House building then we saw this stand where we can’t read German, and it’s only explained in German. But we think this might be part of the Berlin Wall maybe I think you think. So I think right here Parliament House or maybe they’ve just kept it there yeah oh yeah cuz there’s something here about 20 September 1989 something there is the Parliament House we’re gonna go around, and see. Because there’s this big glass dorium we want to check out which is on top. But weirdest thing if you can see it better on the other side yeah I feel like if you want to get a good photo of this you just got to work walk further away. Because then you get the dome yeah.

But really cool building. But yeah we’re just saying that like we haven’t seen many German flags until now usually when you like especially in America there was just American flags everywhere. Because I like to kind of post the flag for the post. So I can see one we got lots to choose from now push it that big one very thoughts not really that windy today mmm set up before, I’m gonna say it again it’s so beautiful to explore Europe in autumn we just arrived at the Holocaust Memorial which is actually in the place where with the Berlin were all lost eight of the spring designer, and was made into that no 2005 is going to open to the public, and he has a memorial to over six million Jewish people that were murdered. So lots of blocks it’s a really big area look at this roll getting really high now I want to try to find some information on this, and what what it stands for well they getting really toned out ground is kind of like in ways let me see that it’s like up, and down someone’s pretzel it’s a really interesting Memorial side. But we wish there were some information. So we could read like why they’ve done the pylons like this we’ll probably have to google it when we get home.

But now we are heading over to the Berlin Wall at least east side gallery east side gallery which is like the main kind of area that people had to read travel check for you guys if you’re ever in a city, and you need a coffee fix. But you don’t pay for it we’re doing espresso, and they’ll make you a coffee to try for free, and they have really yummy shortbreads, and we just had a coffee with mother Clara stole all of the shortbread, and yeah now we had our shot of coffee, and we can keep going yeah just just look a little bit interested we’re cheeky as well used to be. So we went for an hour-and-a-half walk, and we’re a little bit tired now. But um we have found a giant section of the Berlin Wall here as you can see it’s a really long section if you want to come to this section is the Eastside Museum um it’s got the East Side Gallery it’s like gallery that will take you through the big section of the Berlin Wall. But how weird is it how it’s like 3:30, and the Sun is starting to set like it’s sunset kind of lighting right now it’s so we did beer we’re just going to look around, and see if we take some photos of the wall, and I’ve seen some photos where it says Berlin on the wall. So I don’t know if it’s in this spot. But, I’m going to look for it.

So I want you to knows, and I know it’s really far down I can’t even see the end I call me how to see the Berlin Wall I couldn’t believe how much fun. But with less I think she’d like a little mop. But did you imagine it was gonna be such a long line a block that we saw you know that we’re the one yeah I thought that was left yeah I didn’t realize like I can’t even see the enemies like it’s so long. But it’s nice I wasn’t too many crowds at this time of day hey it was good good time to take some photos of it functor we are at sunset not 3 which is so weird. But, I’m we’re now walking back to the big shopping complex which probably another hour walk let’s try we kinda Lydia is clear had my troubles last night for dinner. So she really know it is nice anyway yeah we’re gonna go to the Galleria, and we’re gonna grab some dinner for later then head back to the hostel I guess, I’m just chill for the night yeah tonight we’re leaving Berlin at midnight, and we get into epidemic 8 a.m. So it’s an eight-hour night bus to get there, and hopefully we can sleep on the bus what do you reckon I really hope. So hello I know Cleo has the best neck pillow you never could sleep, I’m jealous I guess it has to lose, and I thought I can watch you suck when you’re what song yeah okay we were starting to do I think we’re gonna grab some dinner now get to the hostel, and then it’s probably gonna be around 6:00 then maybe cowbell that cooks happen to go to work yeah yeah yeah, I’m back thinking still as much a villain as you can in one day I think we can figure out we saw okay I guess I wish me to set a little bit more time just very inside maybe Sun Egyptian Museum look really good starter yeah that’s not you be miss out hopefully also would be cool to go up the TV tower I don’t know by the time we get to it it would be too dark I can’t believe how barely the Sun sets here. So weird. But yes. So then upset. So tomorrow which is one of the places I’ve always wanted to go to.

So, I’m really excited to see it, and I really want to go to Anne Frank’s house, I’m really hoping that the lines are too long they’re down back at our hostel we have done a lot of steps today all right guys that’s the end of our very quick timer billons quick. So we just seen your bags now mm-hmm, and then we’re gonna be jumping in the bus it’s almost midnight, and we’re gonna be heading over to accident tomorrow. So you pretty much just gonna go to sleep hopefully sleep on the bar see ya, and then wake up in absolutely, I’m so excited siesta something on the bus you know. So that yeah.

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