Couple Travels The World A Second A Day for a Year 2018

Look how it is I still have Christmas pen ready to go yeah I can’t drink there’s an actual problem – mum I need to try everything living that’s really big very inspirational quotes yeah well paper another cheese dip oh they will sometimes day, and sleep time roll of packing, and young Hugh Grant ten minutes to boarding, and my everyone else ubers arrived living at a monastery 200 years our amazing friend Kevin come back to Thailand it smells.

Couple Travels The World A Second A Day for a Year 2018 Photo Gallery

So good made freaks before in st. hanging it’s done look at this view okay he’ll try we’re gonna be staying this one you gotta do wash don’t a Malaysia it’s me in the morning dream up a little local yeah Oh leach it fun stop Serena believed in time private flight together for a dip before dip breakfast on the beach it’s being back home don’t know first notification gold tomorrow’s the day I take your little coffee yeah Thomas up in here funny guys oh gosh this Aussie uncle a sushi not working is the wedding dress best man sir we are officially look at that view alright oh he’s right here oh hi guys Wow morning to Tel Aviv oh I don’t even know what to pick.

So beautiful Bobby thanks so much for the coffee you have to roost someone busy beautiful sunrise in China tell me what chuckling wanna steer coffee in bed see you later Peru natural soup sunset a flamingo it’s like sulfur Argentina we are back at the airport is neighborhood life grows fast, and slow for ants that was an experienced man an Amazon jungle in 6 & 8 darlin hemisphere dear the country Denver you kidding me are you making one what welcome to kill him up Jamie. But we love it extra layers , and um Oh.

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