The British Airways Flying Experience

Your luggage unattended in accordance hello.

And welcome to JFK International Airport the start of our journey to one in England there many couches here they’re really cool so. I’ve teamed up with British Airways. And today.

I’m going to be taking, you through the British Airways flying experience aka showing, you guys some of the awesome services they offer. And giving, you a preview of what, it’s like to fly with them. I have a great flavour Sakura enjoy thank, you first off is the lounge a perfect place to grab a drink.

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And pre-flight meal or a spa treatment that was the most relaxing thing ever. I need to get massages before every single flight all right. So right now.

I’m in the Concorde room which is basically the first-class lounge here for all of the British Airways passengers. I’m trying look like a dope blog here, but, it’s really really awesome for dining there were. So many options to choose from on the Concorde room menu but.

I tried the scallops followed by a perfectly cooked steak okay. So right now. I am sitting in the world traveler cabin or as, you might know it as economy as, you can see behind me, you have lots of space, you got a nice head rest pillows got your entertainment system that’s very important of course could play with complimentary meals.

And drinks. And a free check bag all right we have now upgraded to world traveler plus or Premium Economy now one of the benefits of this cabin is slightly bigger seats even more legroom, you got a footrest oh my gosh a footrest sorry winning my heart plus, you get to choose a meal from the business-class menu yeah alright. So now we are in club a world or as, you might know it business class business gives, you a chance to stretch out on a six foot fully flat bed plus of course business meal service doesn’t get any better than this the answer is yes yes it does there is still another class another cabin that we’re going to explore.

So let’s keep going all right guys we have made it to our final cabin the first-class cabin here in first-class you’ll have the luxuries of a fully flat bed a fine dining full course meal service wellness kits. And, it’s going to come with a duvet linen. And they even give, you a set of PJs, you know in case, you forgot yours, it’s a very premium private exclusive cabin if you are sitting in this seat, you know that, you have made it you’re probably some rock star or musician.

I should probably get up now of course there are plenty of other options British Airways offers such as their arrivals lounge, but I’ll leave that up to, you to explore well we have arrived in London. I hope, you guys have enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look at British Airways if you did please give this post a thumbs up and. I will see, you guys again in a few days time with another post hi.

So right now. I’m here at love box festival right in the centre of London capturing everything that makes UK music festivals. So special got any information.

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