Wow hey guys it is like a big blackout just happened we arrived at the resort yesterday we checked in. I went for a nap basically woke up at dinner after dinner went back to sleep we didn’t do any activities we basically just slept.

And now it is 9 a.m.

And. I’m feeling a bit more ready for my day it stills like weirdly a bit exhausted the Amazon definitely takes it out of, you humidity the heat at 3:30 we’re gonna be meeting with our guide Alain the Explorer. And Alain will be taking us on a canoeing trip to another local Oasis, it’s one of the local lakes here where we can see tons of wildlife.


And then after that we’re doing a night exploration trip weather Kathy joins me or not. I’m not sure. I want to buy we slept a lot that is a big bug right there oh the storm clouds are blowing in.

And right now, it’s rainy season. I’m actually very surprised we have not had any rain yet but I think today will be the day where we get to see the full force of the Amazon II.

And rainforest, it’s time to face the elements, you ready for this yeah that is the room key with a sloth with a baby sloth holding onto it the cutest thing. I’ve everything Kathy wait. I can’t open it help me any day now.

I don’t leave any men I’ll put the sloth to hang here just for the record. So, you know. I’m carrying all Christian stuff he always made me carry all this heavy equipment you’re doing very well in your job yeah well, you know, you get to know a little bit more than real Christian didn’t worry, you with them yeah showing my true colors now but.

I get her running pace is my walking pace, this is our sanctuary look at this guy’s oh my gosh right here you’ve got this incredible recliner couch let me just quickly dry, you off, this is definitely in one of my favorite hotel rooms. And, it’s not because, it’s the most luxurious, it’s just purely based on the feeling, you get from being inside of here you’ve got these very minimalistic walls that are basically just a screen. So the bugs can’t get in, but, you still get all the sounds, you get the breeze, you get the smells, it’s such an experience.

I feel like. I’m in my own private sanctuary overlooking the Amazon. And for me, this is one of those experiences that, you travel across the world to see dozens of different kinds of bird making their calls, you can hear monkeys from in there the Amazon is definitely not your typical kind of vacation by the end of it you’ll probably be more tired than the day, you arrived just three days probably will be ready to head back to Lima one of my favorite things in the entire world is thunderstorms just being by a window reading storm listening to it.

And right now. I’m reading this book right here, it’s called the power of broke one of the guys that Shopify actually sends it to me. I’ve been using Shopify to build out my storefront and.

I’ve been selling my travel guides through there. So, it’s pretty awesome for him to send me this read. So far, it’s pretty good just basically the idea that, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make a lot of money.

And the idea that having little money actually makes, you more creative. And think on your toes more resourceful. And that’s how, you get ahead this storm.

So good inside the Explorer Center, you don’t make that mistake twice do, you it doesn’t matter if your boots were off for three seconds she’s always emptying them out. I have just gotten myself hooked up with some nice boots we’re gonna be heading down just about a two minute walk away to our canoe where we’re gonna be going. And exploring one of the local lakes here where there’s an abundance of wildlife.

And what. I’m really excited about right now is the fact that it actually just finished raining the weather is kind of clearing up, but because of the rain, it’s actually cooled down a lot all right here we go because, you move it over miracle miracle has just informed me that the lake we’re going in piranhas anacondas caiman alligators basically everything that can kill, you, it’s all in here, it’s all the good stuff. And Kathy yeah.

I will kill, you if you move. So that bird right there it makes the weirdest noise almost like a dog that’s panting OH hmm some people nodding like stinky Birds they’re called stinky bird and. So their natural defense system is their disgusting smell that’s impressive.

So right now with the breeze coming this way all. I smell is a giant lemon. And that is catchy because we’ve ran out of our insect repellent we’re now using the natural stuff provided by the hotel called citronella.

And, it’s like a lemongrass they squeeze it. And all the extract is supposed to keep the mosquitoes at bay. I guess, it’s kind of working nothing’s landing on me right now, but again.

I smell like a lemon, this is what happens when, you bring Kathy through the Amazon right there are some bad guys just Chun are they asleep are they awake blue chrome yes blue moving those two little lovers those yellow guys are called fly catchers because they catch flies let’s do this yeah, you look like a ninja. I don’t, you just missing your little ninja stars yeah all right guys it is that time of the night it is 6:30 we’re meeting up with our Explorer to go. And explore the Amazon by night, this is the time where, you probably come across the animals that, you don’t really want to come across, it’s the time that.

I die you’re scared of like the smallest little like mr. wises yeah anytime, you see a spider that’s like this big it all of a sudden becomes this big in your story all right Mirko. I feel this leader all right ready Oh anywhere okay okay so.

I’ve got the spotlight got a loud Latino with me she’s bait to clear our alarm if we see anything she goes. So where are we going Mirko just around the resort okay see how the jungle at night all right different creatures all right the uglier ones every night they make a new one they take maybe 15 or 20 minutes to web to weave a net like every night Wow well we’re really going in hey. I’m glad.

I’m behind you. I figure Mirko wakes up the snake, you anger the snake. And.

I’m safely back here some kind of a spider right there the wolf spider up some pretty long legs on that one a lot bigger than it looks here like everything, but the. So that right there guys that is an army ant yeah yeah. So that’s the soldier right there.

And you’re saying that they don’t have a nest they don’t happen there that’s why they carry food and. So they attack other colonies colonies then they kill them all. And then they steal their food amazing well.

So that’s a soldier ant right there. And the locals use them for stitches. So that head they use it to bite down on the broken skin of a local.

And they use several of these army ants to close wounds because they’re that powerful they break off then the body. And just leaves the head as a stitch guys we just found a snake Wow is it venomous not venomous well that’s a friendly snake get to, you he’s friendly oh very cool is that the trance Allah, you can see the, but just a little tiny guy apparently, but that’s the biggest spider. I’ve ever seen actually a few of them in there.

And apparently they’re all huddling trying to get away from the rain. And the mother would be three times bigger than those babies that’s what nightmares are made of oh that is a monster spider the spider webs at least three feet wide almost four feet tall. And that web was made in one night it sets up a new web every night check out this vine it looks like a snake no luck today these guys have like a shell in the butt war heart, you survived.

I’m alive just barely. I’m alive emotionally this third what we were doing. So well spawning.

So many insects. And reptiles. And all sorts of stuff until the rain started coming down.

And then they all went into hiding we saw the back of the trench low which was really cool, but again it was in hiding. So the rain kind of like makes all wildlife disappear, but we’ve been. So lucky to be here during the height of rainy season.

And have nothing, but clear sky days. So been very fortunate, it’s been an unbelievable time here in the Amazon right now we’re having our final dinner with the inkaterra hotel group, it’s been unbelievable. I have to say my number one choice was Sen de concepción the hotel we’re in right now.

I really like it would, you travel with me again yeah okay do some more travel. So katzie’s actually gonna be really busy in Lima she’s preparing for an anti-bullying tour where she’s going to spread awareness share her own experiences. And she’s partnered with Google on that.

So while she’s getting all prepared I’ll be going to meet with sailing la Vega bond in like the Bahamas are, you guys gonna miss me comment down below don’t make me do it. I almost forgot, you promised me that people do a shot of this okay if. I do, you have to do it we’re both we’re in this together.

I know enough Spanish to know that line. And. I’m not letting that slide tengo que ella es que yo ISA gay Christian me bro me Tierra here tomorrow in the shop this suit, you promised.

I know a promise is a promise that is a 30 do, you like them no, you like it like a champ. I’m done give her the bigger worm please we should show them what this looks like is a Serie. So these are like found in the forest found the jungle yeah oh okay here we go yeah whoa those, you know like a little-boy their first shot even no idea.

I was this close, this is like a nice restaurant. I would have been. So embarrassing if.

I thrown up. I was this close. I was in my mouth like they came out.

And then it went back down, but next time you’re going to bro, you will chew it by him yeah like a pro just got back to the room. And that is the end of an incredible three days here in the Amazon guys if you new to my blog hit the comment button right up there if you want to see yesterday’s post our first couple days here in the Amazon you’ll definitely wanna click on that one right there. And if you’re come into Peru.

I actually have an entire Peruvian Travel Guide, you can click on the button right there, it’s a free trial a free sample of the guide they’ll totally get, you set up for your upcoming trip to one of my favorite countries that. I’ve ever traveled. So get ready for that guys without further ado let’s get lost again in the next one.

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