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It was packed with snowmobilers, and conversation was lively. During dinner we all got to know each other. When Dawn arrived everyone was in a deep philosophical discussion over the pros and cons of various soft drinks and pizza.

Later that evening Scott gathered all of us around the den fireplace. The tour of the cabin and its history was about to begin. To understand the cabin, however, a person has to understand Harry Bennett.

Scott (L), the campground manager, stands with Lorena (R) as he tells the group about the history behind the Harry

Bennett Lodge.

The story of Harry Bennett and Henry Ford goes back nearly 100 years when they first met. Harry was a navy man known for his professional fighting and an all-around tough guy, not afraid of anything. There are two versions as to how they met.

One story has Harry introduced to Henry Ford in New York one day in 1915. Harry was in a street brawl when a reporter saw him. The reporter, on his way to interview Ford, was impressed with his fighting. Thinking Ford might enjoy Harry, the reporter brought him along so they could meet. Ford was immediately attracted to Harry.

The second story is much simpler. Harry’s brother got him a job at Ford Dearborn, as a clerk. Harry made sure Ford knew he was there. Ford Motor Company was rapidly growing and Ford was not well liked across America. His radical social views and increasing demands on employees made him hated by many. He feared for his life and that of his family. It didn’t take long for Ford to realized Harry was the perfect fix.

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