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Hello guys welcome back to my how to travel series basically my web series where. I give, you a step-by-step guide on how to plan your own trip or travels.

So, this is a part two of my last week’s post which was the travel Styles post if you haven’t seen it click here alright. I was mean that we’ve all seen it now. So basically last week.

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I covered more of the vacation or holiday or shorter trip style of trouble in this week’s episode. I’m going to be focusing a lot on kind of the longer term ways that, you could travel that, you can be abroad for longer periods of time work work work okay apologize with us how long normally if you want to work in a country foreign country that’s not your own, you need to apply for a working visa this process, it’s a very long complicated expensive process to be able to work it. And get a job.

And to make income. So, you can live in another country working holiday visas are kind of this program that came about to allow youth most of, you guys to live. And work abroad without having to go through all the annoying paperwork having to have secured a job already that’s one of the beauties of having a working on if he says, you don’t already have to have a job.

And let, you to easily do that. So not only they last between six months to two years on average, it’s about a year that’s you’re allowed to come to a foreign country work live travel do all that fun stuff now working on visas, this is the way that. I first started traveling because.

I really want to go someplace for a very long period of time but. I didn’t. I didn’t have a bunch of money saved up well work holiday visa was my solution so.

I got one for New Zealand in 2010 and I moved there. And honestly guys it was one of the most rewarding personal experiences of my life.

I learned. So much for myself and I gained.

So much independence it was ridiculous now with working holidays is there are two ways, you can go about doing it, you can go through an agency or company which will provide, you with basically a support group it provides, you helps, you set up your bank account helps, you set up your social insurance number um gives, you a place stay provide, you a job board. So, you can look for work kind of just takes care of a whole bunch of admin for, you in that country Cosette when, you move share the country, you don’t necessarily have those resources or know where to find those resources if you are a first first time we’re doing working a lot of ease up highly recommend going through an agency, but if you are feeling more calm, you can totally do one on your own just Google how to apply for working ladies in the certain country you’re looking for and, you can just get a visa once, you got it, you can go okay. So a couple of things to note about working holiday visas typically the jobs that, you are going to get are not really of the professional sort they are going to be kind of a lot of them are restaurant wait you’re saying cafe bartending um working on farms picky are like yeah like fruit picking um eggs men work uh yeah kind of like office jobs that are usually like taking over for somebody on maternity leave mainly because your employer knows that, you are only there for a short period of time.

And that, you are there to in a sense travel that was the point to gain the working holiday visa stop. So, you can just go to country. And work it’s.

So, you can work a job that’s flexible and, you can take day trips here. And there. And see the country that you’re living in in smaller short bursts that are not as financially draining and, you get really a more of an immersive experience, you studying abroad now if you’re a student a fantastic way for, you to travel is a study abroad program or an exchange program chances are if you are registered in a university at this moment or going to be going to a university your university will have this program already, this is something that.

I highly regret not doing when I was in university. I always wanted to do it never end up doing it.

So if you are in University and, you don’t necessarily have the time or, you don’t really want to take a break between your University. And your studies fantastic option is an exchange program this isn’t just limited to universities high schools also have a wide variety of exchange programs that, you can participate in as well. So now each of the programs.

And specifications for your study abroad will vary for universities, but in a sense most universities have a reciprocal program that lets, you take a semester or two semesters abroad in their reciprocal University where, you are essentially studying the same courses or close enough to the court to close enough courses to the courses that, you are currently studying in University. So, you are working. So, you are living in another country where, you can study.

And learn the same stuff, you learn your own country put you’re in another country how amazing is that. And in that time abroad it gets credited toward your degree which is awesome. And the last topic.

I was a touch on was volunteering abroad programs. So if you are looking for a very. I want to say shocking, but not, it’s not always shocking, but just of just immersing yourself a hundred percent in a different culture really having opportunity to give back to do some good to to learn about yourself.

And to to do some hard work because in a volunteer program, you are going to be doing work, you are volunteering your time. And or your knowledge or your resources that’s what you’re doing, but it is a fantastic responsible way to travel if you just don’t feel like doing all the touristy typical photo here folder their travel experience if you’re looking for something a little bit more a little bit different like. I mentioned with the working holiday programs there are a lot of agencies that run volunteer programs in doing a volunteer program, you can either go through an agency or, you can do it on your own it it just depends on how, you how much how comfortable, you feel about the travel that you’re doing.

And about how confident, you are in yourself the biggest benefit of going with a volunteer program. And an agency is the support group that you’re going to get that comes along with it because essentially that is what, you are paying this agency for when, you do volunteer work now of course, you don’t have to go through an agency, you can always do volunteer work on your own, it’s just personal preference if you can also yeah mix it do it on your own, you could research organization contact them. And volunteer time now a few things to note about volunteering abroad is really really do your research if you are going to do a volunteer program or if you are going to volunteer toward an organization or charity there are.

So many different kinds. And types that help out. So many different causes that for them to get the most out of, you you need to be satisfied.

And happy with the work that you’re doing right don’t we all want to be feeling like we’re contributing to a cause that we feel proud about. I don’t want to say horror stories, but there are a lot of stories of people doing volunteer abroad programs paying a lot of money. And that money just does not get used the way that it should be used.

So really do your research. And make sure the company that you’re going through is responsible is um truthful that what they say is what like what they say they’re gonna do is what they do a lot of them should show, you their financial breakdowns of how they’re going to go about spending the money that, you do give to them most volunteer programs will ask for some sort of money some sort of donation along with your time it kind of comes with volunteering just to help support them um honestly volunteer programs are one of the most rewarding things that, you can ever do in your life so I do recommend doing that at least even if, it’s just a small one.

I’ve done plenty of smaller volunteer projects it doesn’t have to be a week-to-week free two week long volunteer project it can just be add a couple hours here. And there everything helps. And everything makes a difference oh thank, you guys.

So much for reading and I really hope, you enjoyed. And learn too late for this post I’ll be making another post next week as.

I really wanna know what, you guys want me shout out questions down below. And I’ll be going through them. And answering them in future posts or the comments.

So yeah thank you. So much and I will soon next week bye.

So for this episode we’re going to talk about the different types of travel different styles that, you can travel in yeah we’re going to go through all the styles of travel. And really figure out what is it that, you are looking for what would suit, you best. And what, you can enjoy most.

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