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Best Place for Barbeque: Biker bar Mac’s serves up some of the best barbeque in town. Be sure to order your pulled pork with a side of their legendary mac-and-cheese fCl MAC’S OQ\

Best Burger: The lines outside the door of The Penguin are proof that it’s worth the wait for one of the best burgers in town (II THE PENGUIN Q).

1614 John Rolfe produces four experimental barrels of tobacco for export Somalia Map to London. Fashionable English people have developed a taste for the plant, and Rolfe uses a Somalia Map West Indian variety, Nicotiana tabacum, in favor of the more bitter native plant. King James I denounces tobacco as unhealthy and disgusting, but his warnings have little effect. By 1617, Virginia planters are shipping around 50,000 pounds of tobacco annually, and the tobacco explosion is just getting started. In 1624, Virginia exports 200,000 pounds, and by 1638, this figure is 3 million. Tobacco begins to operate as currency in colonial Virginia it can purchase goods and services, pay debts, and provide salaries for colonial officials. Pocahontas and John Rolfe wed, and tensions between the English and Powhatan peoples, who have been fighting almost continuously, ease yet further. Pocahontas returns to England with Rolfe. Taking the name Rebecca and accepting baptism, she becomes the talk of the town in London; she dies there in 1617. 1617 In an effort to attract more colonists, the Virginia Company institutes a headright system, which assures 50 acres of land to any man able to pay his own way to the colony, and 50 additional acres for each dependent he brings with him.

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