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So every morning at volunteer Southern Africa’s living with big cats program we take the three elephants on the farm out for a walk. So this morning we’re currently walking as the elephants look at them there while they’re eating right now she’s too busy either fair enough.

So there is a good hug. I’ve ever seen after about 45 minutes or. So walking as volunteers.

Map of South Africa Photo Gallery

We’ll head back to do more work while the elephants will continue to roll around all afternoon in the bush up til about midday when the Sun is at its peak. And well, it’s time for a swim there we go Olli, you see me comes out like a big wow cheat Vicky, it’s just more, it’s not that we want to teach in place, it’s actually just the interaction. And the relationship that we have with it thank you.

So much happy an essentially if an animal has been put into captivity for whatever reason it is best, you make their life at the furthest point. And by doing that, you have to make them didn’t even have to they’re happy to do things like this which is all election for game, you guys are simulating for them. So, it’s pointless to have something that is it was either half Wow okay.

So Morgan what do, you have here oh dude donkey. I think, it’s a donkey. I know who though oh my gosh.

And and, it’s brought a zebra. I like another doggy feed a baby zero oh my god Goku burger. I’m just gonna go this way High Sierras.

And donkeys what have, you got here there’s literally literally, it’s got a donkey zebra there’s literally. And yeah. I heard outside are we doing right now oh that’s pretty cool that’s actually really awesome that’s amazing.

I love donkeys okay. So right now what we’re doing is doing a bit of maintenance around the yard. So first up is weed picking which is really important because there are some dangerous weeds out there.

And animals can mistakingly eat them or ingest them. And they kill them. I just straight up a little seed like this big to kill them.

So yeah pick them all up. And now we’re going to do some road work tell us important because roads are roads are important awful weeds hey guys thanks so much for reading my post.

I hope, you enjoyed it don’t forget to hit the comment button for more travel posts from me and. I will see, you again in a few days time with a new post bye. ?

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