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Hi guys, welcome to this week’s We Hear by Travel Savvy. I’m your host Paula Keung. This week’s topic is all about women traveling solo and how one company is helping adventurous ladies see the world. Recent trends show an uptick in solo female traveling.

Far from just sticking to the run-of-the-mill luxury spa vacations, ladies are now choosing to partake in fun-filled action and adventure trips that feel refreshed and renewed. Women of all ages are booking adventure trips to hike, bike, mountain climb, and even paraglide. Allison Fleece and Danielle Thornton co-founded WHOA Travel, a company based in New York City dedicated to global adventure trips with a focus on volunteering and female camaraderie. WHOA offers epic trips to far-flung locales like Mount Kilimanjaro, Peru, Iceland, Bavaria, Everest, and India.

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On their upcoming India adventure trip from October 21st to November 3rd, you have the opportunity to taste authentic local cuisine, visit historical sites, and actively explore the country and its culture all while volunteering with local charities like New Delhi’s street kids project and Women on Wheels. Incidentally, it’s the perfect time to book an adventure trek through India, as the country’s Ministry of Tourism has declared 2018 the year of adventure travel. India’s adventure travel segment is growing at an estimated rate of 5 to 7 percent, with about half a million adventure travelers expected to arrive in the country annually. To book your spot with WHOA Travel, visit them at and for more on India’s adventure travel opportunities go to

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