Welcome to the beautiful city of Paris over the next week Laura and. I will be exploring everything from the tourist attractions to the more local spots. And we want to put together a post that kind of gives, you an overall feel of what, it’s like to live in Paris now by no means am.

I an expert on the subject, but that’s why. I’ve gone out of my way to meet locals. And get an idea of what they recommend to see here in Paris.

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And welcome to day number one in France, it’s just the most stunning city. I have ever seen. And one of the most amazing things that’s like just blowing me away is whether you’re on the main road or going down an alleyway it looks like the set of like a models photoshoot move that may come on be hi ordered a breakfast burrito and, this is pretty much the opposite of what a Parisian would order Parisians are notorious for eating very light breakfast –is in Paris, it’s very common to get something late like a croissant maybe put a bit of jam on it or a bit of chocolate spread, you see we’ve got some hot packet with a ton of chocolate and, this is yogurt with granola.

And some honey is not what we ordered, but pretty much anywhere in Paris, you will find bakeries with amazing fresh bread now that we’ve started our day with a delicious Parisian breakfast, it’s time to go wander the streets each of these streets have different stories to tell. And they make for incredible shopping. I bought these super stylin shoes for 45 euros.

I have never felt. So free lolly belt a Poli PA means freedom for the feet, it’s actually been cool reading, you speak French. And everyone like by me feeling lip passion.

And don’t okay the Frenchman we are irresistible ooh irresistible. So, you know how I was gonna do that DIY post are, you telling me that the designer dress, you pay the extra $850 to have a cut.

And split open yes look at this coffee shop, it’s like three seats that’s cool after a pretty laid-back morning it was time to go do a little day trip we headed off to what is known as ludecke Samia and, this is actually a road that even most locals won’t know about for Laura and. I this trip was about spending quality time together, but we also really wanted to meet new friends and. So we set out a couple Instagram stories asking French people to DM us.

And we ended up meeting with these two guys right here welcome to the post guys, this is Laura right now we’re exploring some of the hidden Parisian secrets all right. So where are, you taking us now. I think we should go to the steeps neighborhood my every move time that’s the street.

I told, you about earlier which is gonna like the fancy geo like really nice. And cheap bars, but, you will like, you will really like let’s do it for 1.7 euros, you can rent a bicycle.

And basically it allows, you to go from place to place in Paris, you have to bring it back to the ports every 30 minutes otherwise, you charged an extra euro, you can take out again for free to truly experience Paris get yourself on a bicycle. And go explore one thing that should be said about Paris is that for such a large city there’s lots of ways to get around that’s a good way to get around if the distance is too long to walk your bicycles that, you can rent on just about every major intersection. And they even have this thing called city schoo which is essentially a communal scooter that, you can just leave in certain checkpoints would, you say like tourists come down this area or, this is more yeah, but we gotta go down straight to oh sorry sorry head to drop below what do, you call that Oh a next week motorcycle how fast can, you go this one 52 power, but there’s your glue move that we’re going to go to right now, it’s gotta like a small village, you can get some like fine she’s been flying a French bakery.

I feel like one of the best forms of Paris like, this is my favorite some young people will go there with a big guitars or even they bring their drums. And they’re just like plain music here, this is the real Patti, this is what. I was hoping to find.

And again like. I say it every time, but until, you meet the locals, you will never understand the actual culture, you will never understand the city you’re in. And like.

I’m only on the cusp of understanding what they have to offer here but I gotta start somewhere yeah do, you like clips every way possible salted like sweet Nutella utilize the best of course. So 5 euros, you get a beer, you get some french fries.

So, you go opt good luck. And then right next door here they’re selling the exact same thing, but they don’t have a lineup, this is the lineup just to get in here, it’s better be good that is a monstrosity of a chaos it was worth 45-minute wait so much for showing us thank, you guys.

So CP of them there’s such a unique energy. And charm to the city that. I’ve truly never seen anywhere else in the world the style that, you see here is known as awesome onion.

And that is the beautiful Parisian architecture that you’ve come to know. And love with a beautiful rock outside the detailed steel gates if you think of Paris as a series of circles like starting from the center of the city they build out circles almost like a snail shell these circles are called a Hildy smalls first. I only smile all the way to the 12th a handi smile is where you’ll see a lot of this style with the awesome Manian buildings the history this year is just.

So rich when the Nazis actually came. And took over Paris Hitler commanded that this city be preserved because he was. So in love with the architecture even though it was taken over for the most part there was no damage done to most of these buildings and.

So they stand today just like they were hundreds of years ago. So right now. I’m actually meeting with another couple we met at this incredible restaurant called pink mamas and, this is a four floor restaurant on the bottom floor is their pizza area.

And each floor prepares a specialty of foods. So right here is like a beef specialty one floor up is the antipasti and. I think the top floor was like cocktails.

And vegan food you’ve got like all sorts of old school paintings. And maps, this is Claudia in this Jeremy. And are we going next we’re going to the psychic up.

And yo moma has a cool neighborhood that, you got like it okay sweetie watch the notes of the city okay cool, this is predominantly like locals yeah all locals there if you go to the second house a little bit more turistic, but here’s a little bit quiet people like to hang out there have a drink. And just chill that’s me one of the amazing things. I noticed about mo mouths was that after spending a lot of time in Shonda lies a.

And around other tourist attractions. I finally felt like. I was in the local side of Paris as we headed up the hill a little further that became less true it became just as touristy as being at the Eiffel Tower hello dia is nothing, you guys do Paris, you put pants on your heads, this is the incredible Cathedral known as sacre coeur Laura and.

I walked across the street to a random French restaurant they all may know my Conde her nescau go, you know that is, it’s now we’re gonna get a snail alright. So like. I speak French really well a conversational level just fine, but when it gets into the more detailed words like when, you look at a menu.

And they’ve got the special ways they cook. And like all that stuff is a bit over my head so. I actually just had someone come.

And help me order. I’m like. I want the French this meal, you can order.

So we’ve gone ahead. And boarded some specially prepared French veal we’ve gotten some beef bouillon yeol the Esk algo. So we’ve got some snail on its way not nervous, but not excited to eat it think that’s everything.

And oh yeah. And that’s yet still mash. So we’ve got cheese on its way to to start off as our server has.

So kindly showed us what, you do is, you first actually drain out the Escada go drying out wait, you got a fancy tool for this because the French are civilized. So, you empty out the sauces inside, you just come suck. And then you’re saying the key is to taste it first.

I’m not exactly sure why, but I’ll give it that that it does taste really good the sauces inside, it’s like a. I don’t know buttery. And like butter.

And pesto, you to stop now the magic happened, it’s gonna pull this little guy out okay put on a piece of bread Wow still true sex. And all that was it. I love cheese yeah.

So we’re about an hour into our meal here. I got a say in France the service is not the fastest, but, it’s all about the experience of eating. And like everything from the entree of the escargot to the cheese’s like that literally took half an hour to eat, you know life is good.

And for dessert we’ve got ourselves some couldn’t budet admit, it’s a custard. And then they take a blowtorch to the top of it. And it creates this really tough top and, you can just crack it like.

So it was soft. And it was. So delicious.

And thank, you for encouraging me to try French food. I would go for like a really romantic Parisian dinner like everything from wine to dessert it was 73 euros. And in France who actually don’t tip.

So the tip is included in the price in the meal. I just saw a rat run by that’s at Dewey hello my lovely petunias Franklin now well, it’s true, you probably won’t find a ton of French people hanging out near the Eiffel Tower or the outfits Lille there’s a couple tourist destinations that. I think even most French people should see as of right now there is probably about a three-hour line wrapping around the neighborhood to get into the catacombs.

I was like oh. I’m not gonna go today. I don’t know if I’ll see them at all.

I was really disappointed. And then. I went online.

And found skip the line tickets it was like two or three times more expensive. I ended up paying like 40 us. I think, it’s to be honest.

I’m not waiting three hours on one of my precious days here in Paris there was only one ticket left online. So Laura is gonna take one for the team she’s gonna chill she’s gonna go shopping well. I look at dead people, but look at their line starting here all the way around there all the way around.

I feel like Charlie. And the Chocolate Factory. I got my golden ticket see, you later the waiters cause the line guys got the golden ticket.

So, it’s 14 degrees down here all year round, it’s unaffected by the weather up there because, it’s 20 meters below ground lower than the sewage system the subway system this was built in the 12th century for limestone mining once they were finished mining it basically was repurposed as a new form of cemetery. And as, you can see, this is a massive pile of bones like strategically placed to make the most of the space they had because there’s roughly six to seven million people’s bones in here. And essentially what happened was the French throughout all of history of Paris had been burying people in cemeteries like we see today, but the cemeteries were bursting at the seams there was too many people in them and.

So the best option was to take these underground limestone tunnels. And make them into basically an underground Cemetery they brought all of the dead from above down here to avoid the spread of infection the smell that was getting into the air. And just to simply make room for a very developed City.

I really recommend that if you’re gonna do this get one of the proper tour guides don’t just do the audio guide like. I was kind of listening in on one of the groups. And he was saying the coolest stuff he was talking about the World War two implications of the tunnels he was talking about like the beheading of the king.

And the 700 Swiss Guards that were brought down there. And buried after they were killed by the revolutionaries like all this incredible stuff, it’s like that is the history that we are here to explore let’s go taxis here it is a free-for-all on these, it’s like did, you compare it to like North America traffic is crossing into each other’s lanes. And scooters are zipping in between cars.

And kind of takes me back to Bangkok a little bit a little more structure than that, but not by much one of the crazy things is like how multicultural the city is to like, you got falafels all cultures are accounted for here, it’s a melting pot of culture. And amazing food one of the cool things with the city is that literally like anywhere that has somewhat of a developed area or has a coffee shop or restaurant it almost always has open Wi-Fi now there’s a few that are password protected, but like if that’s the case then, you ask the restaurant you’re in. And they give, you a password everywhere we’ve been, it’s just like boom.

I can now use my uber app go. And check my facebook like. And the Wi-Fi speeds have been really good here.

And the place we’re staying in has the fastest upload speed. I think. I’ve ever seen like.

I uploaded five gigabytes in one. And a half minutes Dada la Mateo. I foo Jeff Venezia Patti me papa.

So how am. I supposed to do my thing am. I supposed to rent a scooter when the weather is blaming the cat’s in a shock alright guys.

So 3540 minutes outside of Paris, this is busty hi. And his fiancee Thierry during the summer on Saturdays they have a firework show in Belle sy this palace almost bankrupted the entire country of France many years ago when louis xiv basically took all of their resources pulled it into creating a super palace. And he wanted to make this the center of france he was unsuccessful in making it the center of france he succeeded in building the palace.

And that’s we’re gonna go watch the fireworks from in just a bit right here you’re looking at the definition of sex symbol, this is the hon oh do shovel. And it is like the original French automobile as, you can see, it’s got swag like from head to toe, you already know now that wasn’t scripted this was all one dudes house stay in school kids. So the Greek Week the four things wanted it wanted people to call him the was Olay the king of the Sun because he likes the Sun be in the highest.

And that’s kind of like. I guess what inspired so much of the gold decor even in the garden, you have a lot of things that looks like this.

And people just build it. And then do it again, this is some part of the hustle that were built. And then they destroy it because he didn’t like it just a man with a small dream that’s what, it’s about there’s no better way to show off in this property here, it’s magnificent Oh Joe.

And hey it is the final day here in Paris. And the last thing. I wanted to conclude this post on is showing, you a little bit about what it would cost to live in Paris now.

I don’t have extensive research a lot of this. I got by talking to friends who have lived here for several years, but these are the numbers. I’ve come up with for, you to be the most budget.

And staying in a very tiny tiny room much smaller than this on your own, it’s gonna cost, you around 600 euros. And even that will not get, you into the downtown area you’ll probably have about a 30 minutes a 45 minute commute to get in, but one person loftware your kitchen is in your bedroom essentially, you have one room you’re looking at like 800 euros for something that’s relatively comfortable. And still being very very basic still outside of the city about 1200 euros you’ve got a two-bedroom maybe you’ve got a separated kitchen.

And again you’re about 45 minutes outside of the city, this is not a long-term rental this here is a hundred. And five US dollars a night right in Sean Daly’s a like in the heart of the downtown area one of the most expensive areas, you can be in, it’s even got its own separate kitchen nice to have bathroom, it’s one of the small showers. I’ve ever used, but it works living quarters those are the rough prices, it’s not a cheap city to live in, but.

I’m sure, you didn’t expect that when, you thought of coming to Paris if you guys liked this post and, you want to see more of my smiling face then click on up here hit that comment button. And become part of the blog. And if you want to see a post very similar just like this, but made in Bali click on my how to live in Bali post right up here.

And if you’re coming to Paris, you want some more tips get my five hot tips to parents by clicking down here let’s get lost again in the next one. ?

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