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Hey everyone back to starting the time for the Sun rises. But if you’re interested know the Eiffel Tower does not stay lit up all night. So it is a big day of traveling for us we are leaving Paris, and we’re heading back to Birmingham in England, and we are catching the bus. So we’re catching a bus at 8:15 we have now left the hotel at 6:30, and we’re not gonna get into Birmingham to our 6:00 6:30 p.m. So, and the shopping centers not open. So hopefully you can find somewhere to buy some breakfast. Because these buses do not stop for snacks otherwise we’re gonna die all right. So we have found the bus support. But this bus port isn’t as organized as the other one. So there’s no one really knows what’s going on. So we’ve found like a bunch of Aussies, and we’re all kind of banding together the grocery will kind of banding together, and we picked this one bus that doesn’t say London it says long prayers or blonde areas I don’t know if that’s French for London.

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But we’re all there. So they’ve got the bags are now quickly gonna go run, and see if I can go in get some food okay first grocery store ranks from is closed now we’ve been running to another one they’re like 450 meters come on no freaking way just run to two stores, and none of them are open why won’t you open Oh what are you doing there oh my goodness hopefully you can get out no. So the cat can go to the grocery store. But icon I hope someone’s in there, and the cats being looked after not just being like it’s not kidding Punk it out pet resort one of those little ripoff stores try to find a grocery store. But they weren’t open for me, and 15 minutes till the police okay higher food, and 15 minutes to spare paid way too much for about where they’re gonna pay a lot or not gonna eat today maybe the moon if you on first open all this on your Instagram question is now the Train is going to take point that window just gonna be water 7a how this works exist this is our bus here, and that’s a train it was like really old Cena just come, and then once we get there three. But it’s not words into you were getting that three. But we made it with London it is now, and we went in how backwards 230 sir early we went to come into three sorry 330 alright it’s actually full 30 in Paris time right yes in Paris on.

So being pretty much going since study we are dead. But we’re not in London we’re going to Birmingham which is about two hours away. So your cousin’s going to bigger salad yeah they’re ready for some real food cuz all the ate today with all the carbs we had our meal I likes everything to my tummy this already you don’t like yeah I feel sorry for this one feel sorry maybe what is going on hello it’s from 8 o’clock, and we’ve been travelling now for about 17 hours we finally got to Lee Ann’s house, and we are exhausted, and very hungry. So I just popped a couple of cheeky pizzas in the oven YUM, I’m making the teeth, and then we are going to chill we also bought a couple of doughnuts why don’t you to this house, and start craving TV mm-hmm already put it, and all the pizzas smelling good, I’m so hungry we explained to you guys this is one of our first hot meals the last nine days yes. Because because where we like at hostels they don’t usually give you like a microwave for oven, and like we just budget it to be quite you saw all the picnics we had picnics we have baguettes, and Fred. So, I’m excited for me me to reboard our pizza. Because we I decided I wonder what one to myself it’s a baby duck tea, and that sounds let’s me done for the night hey guys we are dead oh I feel like this Bolivia social literally we spent the whole day traveling we’ve just eaten Oh show us some tea it was such a long day guys it’s not a tea anniversary today, and we spent it on a bus yeah oh hey.

But we celebrated yesterday yeah we’re saying that I do feel like was kind of like a diverse kind of thing yeah we’ve been together for eight years today that’s a long time – sorry – now it’s done all right well this is the end of flying the nurse hey that’s a long time that’s a very long time together eight years engage for a year in a mom oh my – almost – yeah we are in England for the next nine days hmm. So we’re just gonna kind of go see England gonna kind of chill for a bit you have anything you want to see in England or if you have any places that you think you should check out in England I know you some of you guys have given us a few suggestions, and you go back, and read them yes. But yes I think tomorrow is definitely made chill day I want to make pumpkin soup mmm we crazy pumpkins through, and like just doing things at home like feeling like we’re at home this for like a day you know Mario we’re switching from travel globe is to just taking that clear.

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