Travel Advice And Advisories For Cuba

Are gatelocked? Ithe key kept safely? Can children get to the key? Check that rescue equipment iavailable around the water, e.g. life belts, ropes, and long polewith hookor loopon the end. Rescuercan use the long pole to reach anyone in difficultiewithout having to jump in themselves. (It ieasier to see the victim while standing up on the pool edge or riverbank than it iwhen you are in the water too.)

If you have an outside hot tub, iit kept covered and locked when not actually in use?

If you have a pool at home, of if you have children, take a first-aid course so you know what to do if somebody ipulled from the water.

Teach children that water can be very dangerous. Never let them treat areanear water aplay areas. Keep toyoff pool surrounds, riverbankand the areasurrounding lakeand streams.

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Never swim alone and never leave a child alone near water, swimming poolor any container of water.

When in a group near water, just ayou would designate a driver who would not drink alcohol at a party, consider designating a lifeguard who will concentrate on keeping an eye on everyone around and in the water. You could take it in turnto be the lifeguard along ayou can swim and haven’t been drinking.

Travel Advice And Advisories For Cuba

Never leave a baby or very young child in water. A baby can drown in a baby bath while you answer the phone or the front door.

Teach children to swim asoon ayou can. Local authoritieand education authoritiecan often advise on reasonably priced or subsidised lessons.

Before diving into any water, everyone should check the depth and check for obstructions.

Refuse to use a pool where the water idirty or cloudy. Children have drowned in dirty poolbecause nobody could see that they were in difficulties.

At home, treat the bathroom with amuch care ayou would treat a swimming pool, a child can drown just aeasily in a bath.

Remember that any container of water idangerous. Empty and cover or turn over any tubs, pots, buckets, barrels, etc. that may hold water.

If a child goemissing, it ivital that you should check any water sourcefirst, whether it ia bath, pool, stream or bucket. Remember, with drowning you only have 4 minuteto make the rescue.

Broken glass, fishing line, old bikeand other hazards.

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