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Welcome to tourist itani, I’m Gareth Leonard, and this is a story about how I left everything comfortable I knew in search of a dream to live a life filled with substance, and passion, and adventure internal battle right now that’s all it is HUS versus the mountain with mountains ready my goal is to experience this world in an authentic way by developing meaningful relationships, and experiences that will hopefully transform me from a tourist someone who knows nothing about a local place I need to learn Portuguese, and fast I basically just ran away from a very attractive young woman who tried to have a conversation with me, and I didn’t understand what she was saying. So I walked away it’s not a very good start to a townie that guy at the end of the bar who seems to know everything about the ins, and outs of local life, and culture America one wanted to be adding fabrizzio polyfill to gas when I got my suppose that he’s gonna come into my home with a baby.

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So I created Taurus Italian calm. So hopefully inspire people to get off the resort’s, and get away from the typical backpacker trails, and Travel from the most remote villages the places like Bolivia, and Nepal to the craziest nightlife of cities like Istanbul, and he’ll of Asia narrow the idea is to move slow, and immerse yourself in a foreign place, and then further away from your comfort zone you’re willing to go the deeper you get I promise the more amazing the adventure let me show you what I mean this is Travel with me Gareth bladder a human leg medicine ball business engineering to noble pursuits necessary to sustain life Beauty romance love he’s obviously sandwich gum Misbah run our way up to the fertility temple here, and when I got, and there are just dicks everywhere real interesting. But as they say part of the culture you bring nothing weird a lot of triumphant dick how’s incredible absolutely incredible.

So if you have the urge to break out of your comfort zone have the need to live this life to the absolute fullest, and have a desire to experience this world in a unique way then press comment to this blog, and come with me on this adventure I don’t know what’s going to happen next. But I can’t wait to share with you thanks oh yeah I should probably tell you this isn’t even my apartment, I’m just staying at a buddy’s place in Fremantle a little town outside of Perth, and Western Australia let me show you this is them great couple thanks Michael for let me use your place is my little makeshift studio I appreciate it it’s good to have local friends.

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