Big Announcement for real Stuck in a Cyclone

So guys I’ve just finished editing this post that you’re about to watch, and I thought I would let you know in advance it’s not a normal time we’re talking than like shoppes it doesn’t have like all the cinematic ish with the music sort of thing that I normally do if you want to do that then look I think up here. So maybe up here at a blog that I did that I really like recently this post is more just the latest news big announcements escaping this cyclone if you want to watch carry off just thought I let you know we already have a flood warning speciation concluding, and is my morning falls away from, and guarantees news as well for dr.pol, and we notice I’ve learned has made landfall changes with Messiah apparently now the cyclone is moving to Fraser Island.

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So it’s coming here. So all of the groups that were supposed to come after us aren’t coming anymore all the tours have been canceled ours was the last one to get onto the island not sure it’s a good thing the rains are expected to get even worse than they already have been, and they’ve been really bad. So I don’t even know heading back to Miami Beach today, and said, I’m tired I can’t won’t miss you help this weather huh not a nightmare I wish I could say I did it anyone exist here I can’t sleep yeah just got back I am back in Rainbow Beach right now soaking wet as you can tell we have the cyclone passing over, and everything is just drenched the rain is coming down like torrential in sheep it’s just incredible with the strong wind. So hard that it’s like stings your face the rain actually hurts you all of the buses all up, and down the coast have been shut down apparently the roads are flooded, and in really bad condition. So, I’m stuck here in Rainbow Beach I don’t know if, I’m going to do Sydney, I’m going to see how it goes now, and my bus fare is cancelled anyway. Because apparently the storms moving down South Sydney is just going to be covered in rain exactly like I’ve had it Fraser for the past three days and, I’m just, I’m tired of it I have not been dry for three days all my clothes, I’m so afraid for my cameras here that’s the current situation here in the cyclone right outside I can see the trees like I don’t even know how they’re still standing up yep stuck in the cyclone Hey guys again.

So let me fill you in on what has been happening around here lately, I’m still in rainbow beach like three days after the cyclone coming back from fraser to rainbow beach in the cyclone that was insane like i’ve never seen anything like it and, I’m from Miami. So we have hurricane seasons in Miami every single year I’ve seen a ton of them. But that was still really scary all of the Wi-Fi, and Internet, and like phone service providers were down everywhere nobody could use credit cards ATMs weren’t working. So thankfully I had a bit of cash left to buy food it was pretty crazy what are these lines. So I really just decided to go to Frazer on kind of this impulsive decision I can tell that it was an amazing place. But at the same time it kind of sucked. Because it was like well I can tell it is an amazing place.

But it’s just that I am not really seeing that never stopped raining the entire time I was planning to go to Sydney next. But the storm moved farther south, and then like all of the busses all transport was cancelled there’s no in or out to this town. So it basically them stuck in this really tiny town for a few days it could be worse like I’ve just been going to the beach a lot, and there’s like two really good coffee shop here. So I remember a lot of business some of you will be sad to hear that I am now having to skip Sydney I have some errands to run due to an exciting announcement that will soon be coming ups in here for two, and a half or three weeks now, and I was planning on too. So I am NOT going to Sydney on this trip which I know is crazy, and I was really looking forward to Sydney that’s kind of why I saved it for the end I had a lot of plans there exciting stuff that was going to go into the post. But unfortunately it just didn’t work out. So, I’m going to definitely come back to Australia when I visit Sydney Melbourne everyone says awesome stuff about that of course I want to see like the outback, and stuff like that there’s just so much in Australia to explore today I am taking a bus to Brisbane auto version I will be getting a flight back to Bali early tomorrow morning.

So in like 24 hours, I’ll be getting on a flight back to Bali, and seeing Livio again you’ll be back in the posts I love that you guys like actually miss him as well, and you know like ask where he is also we’re going to do a how we met post, and we have like actually a really really good story. So watch out for that anyway that’s my talk with you guys I don’t think this is really like a traditional post I didn’t have like a lot of footage. Because you know cyclone party over here without a lot of electricity or I don’t know just to post unless I want just like a hundred shots wind, and rain there was a lot of that yeah. So I was stuck in Rainbow Beach for like four days which I didn’t plan on that this is a really cute little place really not the worst thing gaping a cyclone how crazy even when stuff goes wrong, and travel, and like these weird maybe bad things happen it’s like well now you can look back over remember that time that I was stuck in that little Australian town. Because of the Cyclones I’ve just been able to leave, and everything worked out perfectly I wouldn’t have that story got into Brisbane came in the bus hitting on me six hours right Sonali okay just got back into Bali landed the airport is like completely empty right now for some reason I don’t know. But the exciting thing here is that, I’m going to see post, and he’s quick change Hey nearly all your bad luck in the post your eyes look very big hello guys this is George – hey guys. So we have an exciting announcement that I haven’t told any of you guys about.

But if you were like asking where’s post, and I was saying he has some big errands to run it was. Because he was getting a visa for the next country we’re going to we are actually going to be moving to China we are moving to China my major iran’s in jakarta were obtaining a visa for China that’s also why, I’m going to Singapore if you guys saw me on Twitter you had the chance to vote on where I should go, and you guys voted Singapore. So Singapore one, I’ll be going to Singapore getting of these are there, and obviously exploring as well move on me again I will already be in Beijing mm-hmm that’s where we’re moving forward to breathing the polluted air well I can’t wait the air here is all too fresh I was very excited about China I’ve never been we’ve been to Hong Kong. But that isn’t the same. So it’s not the same at all as you guys know we normally travel like kaya’s without the muslim, and we don’t know normally where we’ll be next month. So this is going to be a big change, I’ll still be traveling, I’ll be exploring China in the posts, and then, I’ll still be traveling around just to all sorts of places just like I do now from Bali making fun of my big eyes don’t worry the adventures are not stopping I still kind of count you know moving to China is travel. Because it’s going to be such a culture shock for us I think is just really different from anywhere we’ve spend if you guys know of anything to do in Beijing or I don’t know just any tips you have for moving to China are you still friends.

But it in the comments with us, and we’ll take it to the next level okay what do you like, and we’re going to use no that’s what I meant davell what what in the world, I’m just kidding come on, I’m just saying the mood gone that was my big announcement we’re moving to China thanks for reading look kind of like an Indian dance post you’re supposed to say bye bye that’s next not in what Indians look look. So you know I have no idea white. So there’s two spots see on my forehead oh that’s why here no is this what you’re thinking we’re posting okay. So say my thanks for reading no I was like being on changes on a few nights post thanks for reading you bye Livio can’t say that word my hand was like behind me son I couldn’t make it without for jock.

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