Best Travel Destinations Budget

Best Travel Destinations Budget

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In the 1940s, I was a little, poor, black, barefoot boy in a small village of a dot of an island called Anguilla that was not even yet on the map of the Caribbean.

From a hill just above my family’s two room, 12×20 foot concrete home, I used to see stately luxury ocean liners, all aglow at night, passing close to our shores to and from places and ports unknown.

Guess what this did to me – the little, black, barefoot boy? It kindled a fire within me to also, one day, travel like those lucky, rich passengers; for, in my little mind, they had to be just that.

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It did even more! It also made me wish and pray that, in time to come, my beloved, scrubby, destitute homeland would be all developed and attractive like a luxury cruise ship; and, that the vast majority -if not all – of its residents would, one day, experience the enviable lifestyle of the rich and famous.

Yes, I was dreaming; but, I knew then that emerging and developed countries were importing all kinds of workers. We had people going to Cuba, Santo Domingo and St. Kitts to cut sugar cane; to England to work as nurses and factory labourers; and, even to the US and British Virgin Islands.

So, I envisaged that, one day, Anguilla’s turn would come. It did from the early 1980s, when a trickle tourist trade grew by leaps and bounds; and, the island was branded as a high end tourism destination.

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