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Done, it’s Barcelona Barcelona welcome my friends to Barcelona Spain we’re gonna have some good fun time here yeah today we’re doing this. I guess most well-known biggest tourist attraction here in Barcelona is pretty freakin amazing Wow yeah I’ll try to give, you some information about this as we go along, it’s currently getting our audio guy how to be amazing, but yes. So this facade began in 1892.

And it was the facade that Gaudi left the most advanced before he died in 1926. So as, you can see it is the craziest oh my gosh it’s so big it’s.

Map of Barcelona Spain Photo Gallery

So big. I’m trying to find an angle that works here, but okay so. I’ve been learning about this place.

And this play yeah, it’s a good either de Familia inside is shaped something like a cross. So right now we’re on the lawn part of it. And then there’s two wings that go off this behind us here is actually supposed to be the main entrance someday when, it’s complete and, but, it’s the one place that Goudy the architect didn’t finish before he died, it’s this one here yeah, this is the glory facade we came in through the nativity facade.

And over there is the passion. So behind ya right now we’re in front of the passion facade which is dedicated to Jesus Christ last days and, you can see each of the facades has four big bell towers above it powers are meant to let the sound travel through really well. So it sounds like like an organ basically a big organ pipe all around the church such a crazy grain, it’s a crazy.

So right now we are hiking up the passion tower to go to the top see little view of Barcelona. So, it’s two towers that, you can go up here in my hand we can conquer this land we can use right now we’re slowing down la rumba it is arguably well pretty sure it is the most famous street here in Barcelona it is full of tons of the people. And little vendors all to protect shop selling all the.

And yes such a crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy the world the word is. So the hostel we’re staying at is called st. Jordi Sagrada família there’s like five different st.

Jordi’s here in Barcelona. And like a really super cool hotel chain. And basically hostile world put us up here.

And oh my goodness look at this, it’s not even hot, it’s like, this is a private apartment hostel in the hostel top apart still a part still no no no that really works let me show, you around because. I’m super excited to have like look at this guy’s got like a full-on kitchenette. I apologize for the mess we’ve already made a couple meals already, but um yes we give like cut stuff that, you hear is the washing machine going, this is imagine IANS room there a couple FY in case, you didn’t figure that out um now show, you my room there we go again apologize for the mess, but everything just exploded.

I made my bed for, you guys look at that look at that making of the bed it actually, it’s not a very good making of the bed at all. I want this. I want this in my house the house.

I don’t, but my gosh hi peeps how’s your cute home activity area. So this shows, you all the different kind of activities, you could do oh my gosh so much oh good that’s good reckful mathy we are healthy we have my eggs in local bring, you know it’d be sweet.

I dress your day yeah yeah see, you – bye bye oh my god, this is like general lounge area people just chilling this might actually be a legitimate skateboard ramp. I don’t really know what this room is used for they get some bag storage area now they use it to skateboard oh yes Oh skateboarding Oh. So yeah that’s our hostel that we’re staying at whoa hope, you enjoyed it oh my goodness there’s a big giant prehistorical rock figure behind me okay Stonehenge.

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